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CAUSES appearance wen

Causes of Wen

Wen (lipoma) - a benign tumor of adipose tissue occurring under the human skin.

In most cases, the tumor is not dangerous for health and is only a cosmetic problem.

What is wen

This formation - a soft lump under the skin,which is the accumulation of adipose tissue. He was not transformed into a malignant tumor, and gives man only an aesthetic discomfort. The main feature of lipomas is characteristic mobility and the absence of any pain. As a rule, it does not exceed two centimeters in diameter, but sometimes education expands, compressing the surrounding tissue and nerve endings.
Wen appear on different parts of the body,regardless of gender. Usually they occur in areas of poor adipose tissue: back, shoulder girdle, the outer thighs. For a long time people may not notice the presence of Wen, since he does not show any severe symptoms.

What are the causes of cancer

Currently, there are manyassumptions about education lipomas, but only some of them are scientifically justified. The basic version - clogging of the sebaceous glands and the proliferation of fat cells in a certain place of the human body.
Sometimes the cause of Wen may be disruption of the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, pituitary and thyroid.
Often formation appear against alcoholism, airway cancers and diabetes, and may be caused by hereditary.
Presumably affects the appearance of Wenlow physical activity, metabolic disorders and poor diet. It should be noted that the lipoma can be single or multiple, which is characteristic of the disease lipomatosis.

Possible complications lipoma

Despite the fact that talc isbenign tumor growth sometimes observed therein inflammation. This occurs when the tumor is encapsulated, thereby making it a favorable environment for various pathogens. At the same time wen becomes inaccessible for immune cells to protect the body.
In addition, it may carry a risk of self-treatment, which can lead to the growth of the tumor and infected wounds.
lipoma diagnosis is usually exhibited by the resultsgeneral examination, clinical signs and palpation, in which there is a painless and mobile subcutaneous education. Sometimes ultrasound is used for accurate diagnosis.

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