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Causes and Treatment of sleepwalking

Causes and Treatment of sleepwalking

Sleepwalking - rather strange disorder, which affects about 14% of children up until they become teenagers.

About a quarter of these children for his life experiencing sleepwalking episodes more than once.

The main reasons are sleepwalkingdisorders in the brain and the baby sleeping disorder. It's not scary. Usually when a person wakes up, his mind and body awake with him. But with all the lunatics not. In sleepwalkers during an attack and wakes up the body part of the brain, but most of his brain remains dormant.

When a child begins to walk in his sleep, his eyesopen, his face impassive. He can see, but at the same time, it will stumble on things and deal with a variety of things. As a rule, it will not respond to his name, and would not hear your voice. The most commonly distributed sleepwalking during the first couple of hours of sleep. These attacks can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to two hours. It happens that a lunatic can put on clothes and go out of the apartment.

The most sensible thing in such situations to bring this matterto the doctor, and not rely on doors, windows, locks, or even interfere with the child to walk. Remember that children can not frighten or disturb them, because it can lead to complications. Children usually grow out of this state. The most important thing to do when sleepwalking, it quietly without waking the baby, bring it to the bed and gently as possible to bed.

In addition, adults also suffer from sleepwalking. However, they are much smaller - less than one percent. In adults, sleepwalking manifested as a result of stress, anxiety, epilepsy and insomnia. If you remove the cause, then he, too, will disappear sleepwalking. Normally used in the treatment of sleepwalking hypnosis.

Without a doubt, there are a lot of the mosta variety of treatments for people suffering from sleepwalking. The most important thing during an episode of sleepwalking - remove those items that lunatic might pierce his eyes or cause any injuries. Furthermore, it should block the locks, doors and windows.

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