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Causes and prevention of dental caries of deciduous teeth in children

Causes and prevention of dental caries of deciduous teeth in children

Caries of primary teeth usually occurs inchildren with developmental defects of dental tissues, which are laid in utero. The reason for this state is the lack of mineralization of dental bookmarks during pregnancy.

Additionally, dental caries at an early breastage can be triggered by a genetic predisposition, lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body of the child, failure to comply with the rules of oral hygiene.



Coping with caries is difficult, therefore,the main task of the parents - to suspend the destructive process. An obligatory condition for the health of children's teeth - regular visits to the dentist. The specialist will clean the patients teeth, remove carious defects, enamel cover special varnish, which stop the spread of tooth decay, give advice on the care of the oral cavity. Visit the dentist should be at least once a quarter.


To prevent the development of caries is necessary toan early age to teach a baby to care for baby teeth. Together with the child clean teeth twice a day (morning and evening). In this case, use the special children's toothbrush with soft bristles and toothpaste, a suitable age.


Watch out for the correct and varied dietcrumbs. Especially important are the foods that contain trace elements for the formation of the dentition (magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese). The child must be present menu cheeses durum (magnesium) - dairy products, radishes, squash, beans, peas (calcium and phosphorus) - meat, sea fish (zinc) - oats, wheat, rye, onions (manganese).

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