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REASONS for poor seed germination


Causes of poor seed germination</a>

Seeds are a living organism. Therefore, the percentage of their germination depends on many factors, both natural and human.

If all the necessary conditions converge, we become witnesses of the happening little miracle.

When a small seed from the earth breaks through a tender sprout - grown by us.

The reasons for the poor seed germination may be as follows.

  • Sowing with old overdue seeds. All seeds have storage time, which must be observed.
  • Seeding of seeds in wet, wetland. In wet soil, there is little oxygen, and the seeds, like all living things, need oxygen.
  • Sowing is too early. The soil is too cold. For example, the radish will not rise at a temperature below 3-4oC.
  • Too late sown, the temperature of the soil was high. For example, you can not sow carrots in hot weather and still cover with a film.
  • Deeply sown seeds.

Do not water seeded seeds before emergence. Otherwise, your sprouting sprouts under the stream of water can simply turn over (because the sprout has already oriented down, and you point it upwards).

Do not allow the beds to dry out. Seed sown in the upper layer will die without sufficient moisture.

Do not apply a large amount of fertilizer to the beds. In infancy, sprouts do not require high doses of fertilizers. Seeds simply can "burn" from a chemical burn.

Do not get carried away by pesticides, pickling seeds, spilling the soil from diseases or pests. For example, a strong solution of potassium permanganate is best applied locally - in rows, wells, grooves.

Council. If you cover the beds with a polyethylene film,It should be immediately removed as sprouts will appear. Preferably use non-woven cover material. Watering can be carried out on this material, and protection will be from pests.

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