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Causes of poor seed germination

Causes of poor seed germination

Seeds - this is a living organism. Therefore, the percentage of germination is dependent on many factors, both natural and human.

If all the necessary conditions converge, we are witnessing a small miracle happening.

When the seed of a small breaks from the earth sprout tender - grown by us.

Causes of poor seed germination may be to the following factors.

  • Sowing the seeds of old overdue. All the seeds have a shelf life that must be respected.
  • Sowing seeds in wet wetlands. In wet soil little oxygen, and seeds, as well as all living things need oxygen.
  • Sowing held too early. The soil is too cold. For example, radishes will not rise at a temperature of 3-4 ° C below.
  • Too late planting, the soil temperature was high. For example, it is impossible to sow carrots in hot weather and still cover the film.
  • Deeply sown seeds.

Do not water the seeds sown until the seedlings. Otherwise, your sprouts hatched under the tap can simply roll over (because the germ has already bearings down, you send it up).

Avoid drying beds. Sown in the upper layer of the seeds will die without sufficient humidity.

Do not make a large amount of fertilizer in the beds. In infancy seedlings do not require high doses of fertilizers. Seeds can simply "burn" from a chemical burn.

Do not get carried away with pesticides, etching seeds, soil spilling from disease or pests. For example, a strong solution of potassium permanganate is better to make locally - in rows, holes, grooves.

Council. If you cover the beds with plastic wrap,it must immediately remove what appear shoots. It is preferable to use non-woven covering material. Watering can be done on the material, and the defense will be against pests.

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