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HOW baptized Catholics

As baptized Catholics

In the world there are a large number of religions which have their own traditions, taboos, specific behavior of supporters.

One of the many denominations is Catholicism: Catholic Christians live in many countries.

beliefs, traditions do not leave tracesonly worship, but also in everyday manipulation, for example, on the sign of the cross, whom illumine themselves believers. Orthodox cross on the right side to the left, and Catholics - on the contrary. This is due to the fact that the representatives of Catholicism believe that it is this mode of baptism is a symbol of the Lord's disgust people from hell to heaven. In addition, it shows the openness of the Catholic God.

two fingers sign

Sign two fingers - one of the most popularmethods used by the majority of representatives of the religion: it is necessary to connect the crossover index finger and thumb, and then folded toward the center of the palm of your hand and all the rest. It is a symbol of the fact that the dual nature of Christ: human and divine.
The beginning of the crossing is a touch on the shoulderon the left, then move to the left shoulder. After that, every Catholic brings his fingers to his forehead and chest. During the prayer sign of the cross is repeated three times. This method is most common among Roman Catholics.

As you can see on the masses and liturgies, Catholics cross themselves before and after worship or prayer. And there are several ways to cross the overlay, with an excellent position of the fingers.

Trinitarian sign

East ritual Catholics cross themselves differently. To make the signs they put together a large, middle and index fingers, and the ring and little finger pressed against his palm. According to them, three folded fingers are a symbol of the Holy Trinity, and the remaining two represent the duality of Christ.

Sign the open palm

One of the rare ways of crossing is to use an open palm. Fingers at the sign should be disclosed, but not spread out, the thumb can be hidden inside the palm of your hand.

This sign symbolizes the openness to the Lord, it was typical of Dad and high dignitaries, because carried a symbolic blessing under illumination.

Whichever way one performs the sign, it is importantthat the movement of the hand is always carried out on the left side to the right and make sure your right hand. This is due to the fact that the left side is considered to be wicked and is a symbol of hell, while the right has a positive value and symbolizes paradise. Thus, intersect - then move from hell to paradise.

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