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HOW cause of children's doctor at home

How to call a pediatrician at the house

If the child has such unpleasant symptoms such as high fever, fainting, shivering, parents should take care of calling the doctor at home.


Where in Moscow it is possible to do heart surgery

Heart surgery in Moscow

Cardiac surgery is rapidly growing in Moscowand much different from what it was some 20 years ago. Many hospitals and clinics are equipped with modern technology and are in the state of an experienced and professional doctors.

Public hospitals receive free quota and provide paid services.


What conditions in TB

What conditions in TB

Tuberculosis is a common infectious disease transmitted from infected person or animal to healthy people.

As a rule, this disease occurs among those sectors of the population suffering from malnutrition, physical insecurity, as well as heavy and unhealthy working and living conditions.

In case of tuberculosis in humans it must sent to the TB hospital, where there are all necessary conditions for the treatment of this disease.


Where in Moscow treat allergies well

The allergy on flowering plant

According to medical statistics, theresad regularity - the largest industrial city, the greater the number of its residents suffer from various allergies and diseases.

Therefore, treatment and diagnosis of allergies in Moscow is one of the most sought-after destinations in the delivery of health care.


Where to donate blood in Moscow

The honorable mission of the donor

Ever since time immemorial, people relied on the magical properties of human blood and tried to treat the disease with it.

It was only in the early 17th century English physician and scientist William Harvey was able to discover the law of blood circulation in the human body.

Later this discovery and has made it possible to carry out the first blood transfusion.


What are the Breast Center in Moscow

Mammography, an important diagnosis for women's health

Today breast oncology, unfortunately, is the leader in frequency sad disease among women.

Diagnosis of this type of cancer in Russia reached shocking figures of 58.2%, with almost two-thirds of the cases detected in the later stages.


Who is a proctologist

What is a proctologist

Proctology - field of medicine concerned with the intestine, anus and anorectal.

Proctologist deals with problems of functioningand the development of pathological processes in these human bodies, as well as helping to diagnose diseases that can endanger human health and cause him discomfort in everyday life.


How to get sick in the clinic

How to get sick in the clinic

Employers for each of its employeesmake payments, including in the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund (OFMS). Therefore, working citizens, having the document confirming their participation in the program of compulsory insurance - medical insurance policy may be paid for those days when they were ill.

Confirmation of the disease is a medical certificate.