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Which is better: volleyball or basketball

In volleyball, unlike basketball, you can play in the sand

What delicious sour cream or mayonnaise?

What is better: onions or garlic? Why would I gloves or mittens?

With elegant: stockings or tights?

Any product and goods there advantages and disadvantages.

Some people like it and, most importantly, fit single, someone - else. A similar situation exists in sports.

Each species has its positive aspects and negative.

A popular dilemma of "better or worse?" Is usually solved by least popular method of trial and error.


How to play volleyball

How to play volleyball

In the world there are many volleyball fans. It is interesting not only for professional players and spectators.

Due to its accessibility, millions of people play at the amateur level volleyball.

Beginners will be useful recommendations on how to play volleyball.


How to submit a ball in volleyball

How to make a ball in volleyball

The Russians - one of the leaders in the world volleyball floor. The national team of girls repeatedly became the world champion.

Therefore, probably, volleyball and is popular in the system of physical training of pupils and students.

Yes, and it has already taken place in the life of people also like to spend their leisure time on the playground.