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WHEN hold competitions Ski Russia

Before the start

Oddly enough, but the skiing is one of the oldest human inventions reasonable.

The first ski appeared to man could easily move around the spaces of winter, covered with snow, in search of food.


Where to go skiing and snowboarding in the summer

Where to ski and snowboard in the summer

Skiing and snowboarding - a favorite hobby of many people who are not afraid to take risks. Rapidly go down with a huge snow mountain under the force of each.

But some people are so fond of winter sports that are even ready to deal with them in the summer.


What are the types of ski slopes

What are the types of ski slopes

Skiing for a long time ceased to be a purely sporting discipline, becoming a very popular form of outdoor activities of millions of people worldwide.

Homeland descent from the mountains to ski the Alps are considered, but now there are ski slopes, even in those countries where there is no snow.

All of them allow skiing to anyone who wishes, regardless of experience, and athletic training.


WHAT polyathlon

Personal polyathlon, as well as in all-round TRP, this mass.

In today's world there is only one sport that can be called a truly comprehensive and all-weather.

After all, it consists of several quite distinct species. They can be equally free to engage in summer and winter, autumn and spring.

Load and it is available to young athletes, and grizzled veterans.

The winner is it the one who got a large amount of points.

The name of this unique discipline - polyathlon.


Men's team biathlon took gold in the relay

The winners of the relay

Russian team in biathlon 30 years not won the gold medal in the relay race.

At the Olympic Games in Sochi, they were able to prove that their team is the best in this kind of program.


WHAT tubing

What is tubing

Skates, skis, ice slides, snowboards, sleds ... Entertainment in winter abound for both children and adults.

And tubing - riding on a sled-cheesecakes - fits perfectly into the list of winter fun and is increasingly gaining popularity.


Russian national team won the silver medal in the ski relay

Men's team

Men's team was able to open the medal account in ski racing.

Silver medal obtained in the relay race, the first for the Russian team at the Olympics in Sochi.


WHAT ski slopestyle freestyle

Olympic champion in slopestyle

Slopestyle - another new discipline of freestyle, which made its debut at the Olympic Games in Sochi.