Athletics and Gymnastics


Do hoop HELPS remove belly fat

Does the hoop remove belly fat

With the help of children's toys, you can get rid of excess fat on the abdomen and easily achieve the desired result.

Only after training with hoop you can see if he is really a miraculous way to achieve the thin waist.


How to learn to do handstand on one hand

How to learn to do handstand on one hand

Stand on one hand is a complex acrobatic tricks. For its development required a long and hard training.

Basically, success depends on the skill of the correct weight transfer case with two hands on one.


How to learn to jog

Long-distance running - it is a fascinating

Jog - long distance - you have in your life more than once. First, in school, physical education classes, and some - and at competitions, then the army, the university, if he played for the national team ...

Unfortunately, there are cases when you have "Happy Feet" and from street robbers or just drunken thugs.

And you have to run far from 20 meters to you from behind.


How to do a reverse grip on the bar

How to do a reverse grip on the bar

Exercises on the bar helps athletes to form a muscular corset, straighten your posture, increase strength and endurance.

One of the basic exercises on the bar is a "reverse grip".


SIMPLE exercises for busy and lazy

Simple exercises for busy and lazy

The benefits of exercise to maintain your body in good shape all know.

But many of us justify their sedentary lifestyle workload at work, lack of time to exercise daily life.

Sometimes we overpowered elementary laziness.

Meanwhile, give your body enough exercise is possible without unnecessary time-consuming.

A simple exercises you can do while sitting at your desk or lying in front of TV.

Even standing in a traffic jam - a good excuse to do a few simple exercises.


When is the best to run

When to run

Doctors and fans running constantly argue aboutwhat time is better suited for this kind of training. Some say that the morning jogging charge the body with energy and contributes to more effective weight loss, and others - that evening exercise to strengthen allow sleep.

Running at any time is useful if there are no contraindications, and only need to choose based on their needs and well-being.

The main thing - do not run after a meal, or just before bedtime on an empty stomach.


How to properly perform a morning jog

How to perform a morning jog

Morning probezhka- is not only a great way to get a beautiful figure and a healthy body, but also a good supply of energy for the whole day.


When is the best to run

When to run - in the morning or in the evening?

So you start to run. Sneakers and athletic form has already bought, it remains to solve only one question: when to do?

Some argue that the benefit is only when run in the morning.

Others argue that evening run - it is ideal to relax and freshen up.

Whom to believe?