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DANGEROUS if a cold shower after a workout?

Harmful if a cold shower after a workout?

After a grueling workout can not wait to take water treatments.

They eliminate the odor and also relax and tone up tired muscles.

What is the most preferred water temperature in this case?


MAXIMUM speed weight loss: what is the danger?

Maximum speed of weight loss: what is the danger?

Many people who want to lose weight, they want immediate results. They believe that it is possible to lose 1 kg per day, and think that it will be safe for their body.

However, fasting and sitting on a strict diet, you can face serious problems.


How to lose weight and burn fat while exercising at the gym

How to lose weight and burn fat while exercising at the gym

Use of the gym is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and at the same time to get a beautiful figure with relief muscles.

However, to achieve such a result is possible only with regular employment and well-constructed training system.


How many kinds of sport in the Winter Olympics

Olympic champions in figure skating Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov

Winter Olympics are not so oldhistory as the summer. As strange as it sounds, but the first time the competition in one of the winter sports (namely - figure skating) were included in the Summer Olympic Games in London in 1908.

The first Winter Olympics were held only in 1924 in the French town of Chamonix.


In what year were the Olympic Games

Ancient Olympia

The Olympic Movement originated in ancient Greece.

The ancient sport for many yearscompetitions were held on the territory of Olympia - the city, who gave his name sports festival, which still is one of the most important and interesting events for the people of the entire planet.


How alcohol affects sports

How does alcohol affect the exercise

Health, doctors say, is supported by regular exercise and lack of bad habits. But what happens if you combine the good and evil?

What effect does alcohol in the blood of the effectiveness of training?


It looks like the gold medal of the Olympics 2014

Gold medal of the 2014 Olympics is made of silver with gold

They agreed: sea, mountains, ice, sun. No, this is not the memories of the classic poetry and painting artist.

It is just about medals, awarded winners of the Sochi Winter Olympics, their appearance.

After all, the designers of the Olympic awards Fedorin Alexandra, Sergei Yefremov, Pavel and Sergei Nasedkina Tsar'kova, these medals were to show diversity.

And not only the Winter Games in the south of Russia, but also, in fact, all our so ambiguous and contrasting country.


Where in Moscow it is possible to learn Wing Chun and Capoeira

Where in Moscow it is possible to learn Wing Chun

"Wing Chun" and "capoeira" - exotic mix martial arts with dance elements.

They hardly a sport, it's work, the path to the liberation of the internal energy.