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How much is a train ticket to Moscow

During the time of Alexander Radishchev and the Decembrists of such "Sapsan" no one even dreamed of

While traveling in the late 18th century who later became famous writing a travel diary, freethinker Alexander Radishchev did not buy a train ticket.

After the train in 1790, when the secret printing press printed his "Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow", still did not go to Russia.

And, then, there could be no ticket, without which you train just do not go to jail.

Even the one that runs daily "road Radishchev."


5 mistakes new travelers

5 mistakes new travelers

Travel Tips - a constantly updated data bank of knowledge that only experienced tourists know to perfection.

Your vacation will not be spoiled and will leave some good memories in the event that you will not make these five mistakes.


Should I go on vacation in debt

Vacation credit

If you want to go on a vacation trip, but no extra money, you can relax in debt.

Many travel agencies in cooperation with the banks offer customers installment or credit for the trip.


How to reach Belosrusskaya

Prior to the Belarusian railway station you can reach the subway or trolley

With Moscow's Belorussky railway station are sent aslong-distance trains and trains. Most trains from this station go to Minsk and other cities of Belarus, as well as in Smolensk, Kaliningrad, Rybinsk.

In addition, here you can go to Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and other European countries.


How to contact with the head of the train

The head of the train is always in touch

The route of a passenger train can arise from unforeseen situations with passengers.

Solve problems passenger can only head of the train.

How can I contact the head of the train?


As a compact pack luggage

How to pack a compact luggage

If you are going on holiday or a business trip, before you certainly raises a difficult task - to collect a compact suitcase or travel bag.

Place the items so that they do not get crushed or damaged, you can, if you know a few secrets.


Tips for car travel in France

Photo Tambako The Jaguar

France - a country for tourists who have a desire to not only look at the Eiffel Tower and the Palace of Versailles, and explore the country roads, beautiful views to photograph.


WHAT listen on the go

Audiobooks can be happy to listen to on the road

The main problem with long trips - boredom.

You have nothing to do, and if you are driving, we have to watch the road. And it can be very tiring.

In this case, you can listen to anything interesting or enjoyable.