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BEACHES Croatia lost on paradise island

Beaches of Croatia, lost on the island paradise

Croatia - a paradise for those who can not live without the noise of waves, sea breezes, white sand beaches and picturesque bays.

To vacation was a success, you need to find the perfect beaches that have not been in high season crowded with tourists.


Resorts in Turkey: Kemer

Turkey Resorts Kemer

At 40 kilometers from Antalya is locatedcolorful turkish area - Kemer. This city boasts the warm waters of the Gulf, the majestic Taurus Mountains and helpful locals.

Luxurious hotels, fantastic natural beauty, gay nightlife, entertainment ocean - what could be better for the long-awaited vacation?


HOW islands is part of Greece


Greece takes the Balkan Peninsula and numerous islands washing her seas: Aegean, Ionian, Mediterranean.

The islands belonging to Greece, make up 20% of its total territory.


WHAT sea in Tunisia

What is the sea in Tunisia

Tunisia - it's white sand beaches, abundant sunshine, the ruins of the legendary Carthage Hotels International Plan, healing thalassotherapy.

All of this is able to please even the most experienced traveler and is just a four hour flight from the Russian capital.


Where is Seychelles


Vacation on exotic islands are spending more tourists.

The excellent climate, magnificent beaches, beautiful landscapes attract travelers from all over the globe.


Where is Mauritius

Mauritius Island

In the waters of the Indian Ocean is a cozy islands and archipelagos to exotic nature and amazing culture.

One of these places is the island of Mauritius.


When to go to the Sea of ​​Azov with children

When to go to the Sea of ​​Azov with children

The Azov Sea is quite shallow and warms up before the Black.

So go there on vacation with children can be not only the end of July - August, but in the June or even May.


WHAT sea there in Israel

Dead Sea

Israel - an amazing and unique country, which has a rich history. In its beautiful grounds is a huge number of cultural-historical and natural monuments of world importance.

Israel's shores are washed by several seas.