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How to choose a four-star hotel

How to choose a four-star hotel

Impressions from the trip are formed not only the people around and interesting places, but also the convenience of the hotel.

If the mission is often not possible to choose a hotel, you can search for a suitable option for travel.

At the same time pay attention to the four-star hotels, which often offer the optimal combination of price and quality.


What distinguishes the hotel on the first line

What distinguishes the hotel on the first line

There is no "line" exact classification of the hotel.

No well-defined differences between the hotels second and third line.

We can say that the notorious "first line" in the hotel brochures and promises a travel agent needs only to get with the client more money.




Enjoy comfort and convenience?

If you want to combine the pleasant and relaxing stay with business meetings?

You came to St. Petersburg as a tourist?

The hotel "Nevsky" is waiting for you at the highest level of service.


PARK HOTEL "Sheremetyevsky"

Park Hotel "Sheremetyevsky"

Park Hotel "Sheremetyevsky" located in the "Timiryazevskiy" park zone.

Nearby is the metro station of the same name.

The hotel itself is immersed in an atmosphere of calm, beauty and comfort.


How to choose a youth hostel in Turkey

Disco in Kemer

Turkey is considered to be the main direction of youth. Of course, there can relax and older and married people.

But the main "population" Turkish resorts is the youth.

The low prices in hotels and plenty of entertainment attract young tourists to this country.


How to choose a good and cheap hotels in Turkey

Hotel in Turkey

From the selected tourist hotel depends ultimately the total cost of the tour package in Turkey, as in any other country.

There are several ways the most budget accommodation in Turkish hotels.


Which hotel to choose in Cyprus


Despite all the troubles, Cyprus resorts still remain one of the most popular in this part of the world.

More than 300 sunny days a year, beautiful nature and excellent warm sea - constantly attract even the most discerning travelers.


How to choose the best hotel in Phuket

Phuket Hotel

Going to one of the most popular resortsThailand - Phuket - tourist novice is not as easy to navigate in the abundance of local hotels and choose the best option for themselves. Therefore it is necessary to be guided in choosing to personal preferences, the size of the holiday budget, as well as on the location of the hotel.

Do not lose sight of the ratings of reputable portals about hotels.