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How to spend the disco 90s

How to hold a disco 90s

Business before pleasure. Spend your weekend fun and unusual, having arranged for friends theme party.

Think about the organization to the smallest detail, and you will become the soul of the company!


How to spend the university graduation

How to spend the university graduation

University Of people often produced adults, conscious, with the goal of his life.

That is why the memories of graduation at the university remain in the memory of the most recent and vivid.

And to organize such a festival, most likely more difficult than any other.


Whom to dress up for Halloween

What to dress up for Halloween

In the night from October 31 to November 1, according to a medieval legend, the land goes all evil forces.

Ghosts, vampires, devils - all that can only come up with a popular fantasy.

Since the characters are extremely diverse holiday, then come up with a costume in the cellar.


How to Prepare for Halloween

Think of how to decorate the room for Halloween

Despite the fact that the history of Halloween goes back to the ancient Celtic traditions in Russia to celebrate it began relatively recently.

This cheerful holiday can be noted in the clubs, in cafes, in the country or in a city apartment.

There are fans celebrate Heldouin in the forest.

In any case, the holiday must be well prepared.


How to decorate a room for a party

holiday balls

For the success of the party is important to create the right atmosphere. Choose music, drinks, snacks and of course all the festive issue.

After all, it depends on the design space is most important first impression and the mood of the guests.

Lighting, colors, even the shape of glasses - all need to be considered to create a holiday.


HOW evening reunion

As evening reunion

Meeting of graduates ... This joyful eventIt does not happen often, and do not collect all those who once produced from the walls of his beloved school or grammar school. But in the soul of everyone who has ever visited on this holiday, remains ever-burning light of love to his class for all remaining years.

Because a person for one day returns to the wonderful carefree time.

How to organize a reunion evening, that he really became a night unification of souls.


How to arrange pajama party

At the slumber party, we all - children

Sitting with friends - it's always fun and interesting.

But sometimes you can make to a regular meeting of flavor that will make your evening even more memorable. For example, this could be the highlight of pajama party.

In the life of every girl these parties werechildhood, only we called them simply "spending the night with a friend." But we were kids, and it means that as adults, we still remember his childhood and sometimes want to get back into it.

Moreover, who said that in the pajama party should participate only girls?


How to arrange the dress

How to make a dress-crossing party

You are planning to throw a boring clothes? Do not hurry!

Invite your female friends and share things.