How to decorate a paper plate


We invite you to make a very original dishes.

At any picnic, at sea, in the country - anywhere it will look very stylish and innovatively. This unusual dishes will be a colorful accent to any table.

It can be fed fruits, sweets or cakes.

Wasting no time, start entertaining work.


How to pitch a tent

How to pitch a tent

Overnight Camping - the romance of our time.

Koster, stars and tent - these are the main characters are a good hike.

But how and where you break a "field house" will depend not only your mood, but also health.


How to cook a delicious barbecue? Recipes marinades

How to cook a delicious barbecue? Recipes marinades

Small steps to us to selected summer and start to the season has already been given a picnic. But what a picnic without a barbecue?

How to make delicious barbecue that all were satisfied and satiated.


How to avoid tick bites

Beware of the tick bite

Summer is approaching, and the townspeople are already stretched to the forest or park.

But do not forget that the mites have opened the seasonhunting. When approaching an animal or person they are trying to cling to them and get to the open areas of skin on the neck, back or scalp.

Man can not immediately feel the bite of the tick because its saliva contains a pain killer substance.

Fear must not only ticks in the woods.

They are found in parks, and in addition, the tick can bring home with twigs, grasses and flowers.

But still try to avoid tick bites.



Patagonia - Tourism subtlety

If you want to relax away from the boring hotels "all inclusive" and from the traditional civilization, go to Patagonia.

There you will see the stunning beauty of its fjords, lakes, glaciers, forests, mountains, and will be able to enjoy the true beauty of nature.


Where in Russia there are sandy beaches

Where in Russia there are sandy beaches

Sandy beaches most loved by holidaymakers, compared with pebble or other of their views.

That's sandy beaches are ideal for families with children and for those who are learning to swim. Clean the bottom and soft sand - what else is needed for a wonderful holiday by the water?

There are many excellent beaches of fine sand on the territory of Russia.


What kind of games you can play with friends on the nature

What kind of games you can play with friends on the nature

Camping is good because it does not depend on the time of year. Relax, you can equally well in both summer and winter.

Going on a picnic, think in advance - as you play, and what to play.

Then the onslaught on nature will be much more fun, and barbecue do not wait so long.


HOW to make a memorable picnic

How to make a memorable picnic

The most creative ideas for decorating and design your garden, beach or cottage holiday in the warm season.