New Year's Eve with children


How to make a mask griffin

griffon mask

If you dream of a completely unusual mask, which does not buy in the store, and do not cut from the magazine, you will help to papier-mache. We'll have to work hard, but the result is worth it.

You will have the most unusual New Year's masquerade mask.


How to make a Christmas tree of pasta

This Christmas tree pasta is easy to do.

Because of this unusual material, such as pasta, you can make wonderful crafts: Christmas tree and Christmas decorations.


How can I make Christmas decorations pasta

Immediately and not realizing that the decoration - from pasta!

Sometimes we do not even think that at hand, we have a great material for creativity: pasta.

From them you can do a lot of interesting podelok.Davayte try with the children to collect and paint Christmas decorations, this joint work will bring you a lot of pleasure.


New Year for kids

New Year for kids

For kids New Year - especially long-awaited holiday. But, unlike many adults, children are not waiting for "Olivier" and "herring under a fur coat", and miracles and magic.

How to make a New Year's Eve unforgettable for children?


How to entertain children on the New Year's celebration in the classroom

How to entertain children on the New Year's celebration in the classroom

On the eve of New Year holidays mothers of school-age children and the class teachers begin feverishly to think how to arrange a holiday to children at school, how to feed and how to entertain.

Practice shows that the popular children"Lights" to be well organized, and cultural program - carefully thought out in advance, otherwise the holiday will become uncontrollable risks "farce", which is not far to injury!

Here are some simple ideas for organizing children's entertainment at the festival in the classroom.


How to celebrate New Year with a toddler

How to celebrate New Year with a toddler

Soon will come the long-awaited and well-liked New Year's holiday.

But how much fun he noted, if a small child in the family?

Of course, it is necessary to forget about the noisy festivities and dances till the morning till you drop, but that does not mean that the holiday is not.

There are many interesting options for the New Year with a toddler.


How to Dress a child in the New Year

How to dress your baby in the New Year

New Year - the most long-awaited and magical holiday.

To begin to prepare him for a few days and sometimes weeks.

Decorate the house, buying products for the holiday table, choose outfits, hairstyles, etc.

For pleasant troubles do not forget about the children. After all, they believe that Father Christmas comes, carefully puts the presents under the tree and perform any cherished wish in the New Year night.

It was during this celebration for children wants to be beautiful all.


How to prepare a child a Christmas tree for the New Year

How to prepare your child a Christmas tree for the New Year

Children perceive the New Year as part of the miracle. And, to New Year's miracle happened to all of his canons, you will have a good think about New Year event.

Try to use as many elements of the theme of the holiday.