New Year


The most popular Christmas songs

The most popular Christmas songs

Music is able to magically affect the mood of people. Certain melodies can move back in time, get rid of depression, to settle in the soul a sense of celebration.

On the eve of the new year of the receivers usually sound the most popular Christmas melodies.


How to make a mask griffin

griffon mask

If you dream of a completely unusual mask, which does not buy in the store, and do not cut from the magazine, you will help to papier-mache. We'll have to work hard, but the result is worth it.

You will have the most unusual New Year's masquerade mask.


How to choose a Christmas tree for Red Square

Home country tree

Christmas tree for Red Square - is the main Christmas decorations all over the country. By its choice of approach with special attention.

Spruce has to meet certain standards because of the appearance of the green beauty depends on the mood of the long-awaited and beloved winter holidays.


HOW set goals for the new year?

Santa Claus will soon priskachet

Every year, people set goals, but few manage to achieve the desired results.

Why is this happening and how to set goals for the next year?


How to make Christmas wreath and Christmas tree

Christmas wreath

Decorate the apartment for the New Year with colorful garlands and small homemade Christmas tree made of fir branches.

These compositions have a sufficient basis - frame in the form of a wreath and the cone.


How to make Christmas "snow" for windows

How to make Christmas snow for windows

Christmas "snow" will give the window an incredibly fabulous views, will make the room more mysterious and incredibly beautiful.


What can you give to Santa Claus

Santa Claus cartoon

Santa Claus can give the attributes of a healthy lifestyle, a backpack to reduce the risk of deformation of the spine and orthopedic insoles.

And most importantly - give grandfather holiday and a good mood.


How to wake up on January 1 with a clear head

Good idea, right?

Celebrating the new year for many Russians, as a rule, it ends with a heavy hangover.

How to avoid such unpleasant consequences?