2014 Olympics


How to arrange the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee

How does the Organizing Committee Sochi-2014

At the Olympics usually collected a huge number of people.

They all need to accommodate, advise and conduct, and for that we need helpers. And in this regard, there are special organizations and companies.

One of them is called the Organizing Committee - an organization dedicated to the preliminary preparation and holding of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi.

Since the organizing committee always need people that are regularly recruitment.


WHY Hockey League could cancel the limit on foreign players on the 2014 Olympics

Vladislav Tretiak (left) and Alexander Medvedev consider the possible number of foreign players?

2014 Olympics and her team performanceRussia became a true "watershed" between the FHR (Russian Hockey Federation), headed by the renowned Soviet goalie Vladislav Tretiak and led by businessman Alexander Medvedev, the KHL (Kontinental Hockey League).

Especially on the issue of the number of foreign players in the KHL clubs.


RESULTS Olympic Games in Sochi

Sochi Olympic Games

Winter Olympic Games in Sochi are declared closed, you can now summarize.


The closing ceremony of the XXII Olympic Games in Sochi

Goodbye, Sochi!

So ended the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Breaking up is always sad, and the closing ceremony was very interesting and touching.


Foreigners brought gold for Russia at the Olympics in Sochi

Viktor Antonov and Vic Wild

In the Russian team two new athletes who have contributed a lot to bring the team to a leading position in the medal rankings.


Russian skiers won the Olympic marathon at 50 kilometers

Russian athletes won all the places of honor

Last day of competition was the triumph for Russian skiers.

After the athletes were able to occupy the entire podium, receiving the bronze, silver and gold medals.


How Russia will perform at the Olympic Games in London

How Russia will perform at the Olympic Games in London

Summer Olympic Games in London will be the most significant event in the sports world of the planet.

Competitions of such level has traditionally attracted to sports arenas and TV screens, millions of fans.

Most exciting for Russians, of course, will be those sports in which our country is a leader.

What are the forecasts of the Russian national team performance?


The first Olympic gold medal in women's figure skating

Adelina Sotnikova with Russian flag

Adelina Sotnikova became the first Russian figure skater who won a gold medal at the Olympics.