Preschool education


How to conduct exercises in kindergarten

Charging should give courage

Charge for children is quite specific tasks.

Due to the gym, the guys have to feel cheerful, energetic, full of energy.

It is on these purposes it is necessary to remember, making the charging plan.


WHAT kindergarten combined type

What is Kindergarten combined type

Kindergarten - an educational institution, designed for children of preschool age (usually 3-7 years).

kindergartens The system allows to solve problemsEmployment kids parents. Also in preschool pupils are being prepared for school - usually at the level of the primary skills of the account, reading and writing.

These establishments are classified in the direction of specialization.

One of them - a kindergarten combined type.


How to choose a primary school teacher

How to choose a primary school teacher

The first teacher helps the child to adapt to the school, lessons and teaching skills of behavior.

Choosing a primary school teacher helpsparents determine the fate of her child: if he mastered the educational program, whether it will feel good in the classroom, whether can make friends with peers.


10 tips to listen to you baby

10 tips to listen to you baby

Sometimes we admire a kindergarten teacher, who deftly controlled with twenty kids, without shouting and punishment system.

Why children can listen to an adult, and the other - to behave intolerably, in spite of all the prohibitions?


How to teach your child to consider

How to teach your child to count

It is known that the earlier the baby learned to count, the more easily he taught mathematics at school.

So if your child is 2 years old - start teaching him numbers and mental calculation.


How to understand music

How to understand the music

Music can work wonders.

In the world there are even health centers, which, along with other forms of alternative medicine practice of treating music.

Of particular value in this treatment is the classical music - it can save from stress, depression, insomnia and even gastritis.

To perceive the music, we must be able to understand it.


Principles of pedagogy Montessori

The learning process is inextricably linked with the process of education

Maria Montessori was a supporterindividual approach in training and education. The activities of the child, focused on the acquisition of experience, has become a fundamental thesis of Montessori education.

It allows children to see the big picture of the world and understand its diversity.


How to quickly prepare for the exam

How to quickly prepare for the exam

Three days before the exam - a lot or a little? How many students, so many opinions.

Someone even enough nights to study Chinese, and some for six months and can not understand the difference between subject and predicate.

But it was such a period - three days - usually given to prepare for the exam at the university full-time office.

And that it is necessary to try to meet the student to prepare for the exam and get a well-deserved five.