How to celebrate the New Year with children


How to celebrate New Year inexpensive

How to celebrate New Year inexpensive

When you utter the words "New Year", you are likely to hear the noise of firecrackers and fireworks, the crackling sparklers, if you feel the taste and smell of mandarin trees. Yes, all of this - the attributes of the holiday.

And yet - the gifts, the holiday table, and ... happiness. miracles.

After all, everyone in this day certainly is waiting for a miracle. But what a shame it is sometimes, when the money is not enough to lead the child to a bright New Year's show, or go with her husband in the chic restaurant.

Do not worry - the miracle is, it is possible to "make" yourself.


How to meet the year of the dragon

How to celebrate Year of the Dragon

Everyone wants to with the arrival of the New Year has come and new life. It ended with a series of misfortunes, lucky in love and work.

Many are trying to enlist the support of the animal - a symbol of the coming year.

In the black water dragon, master, 2012, not too many requirements to the people.


How to cope alone in the New Year

How to celebrate New Year's Eve alone

In life anything can happen, and it may well happen that the most cheerful holiday in a year you'll have to celebrate alone. However, this is not a reason to go to sleep and abandon it altogether.

As it can be nice to celebrate the New Year alone?