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Where is the boundary of Europe and Asia

Where is the border of Europe and Asia

Eurasian continent has no clear boundaries within themselves.

Location of Europe and Asia are often revised, it disputed changed.

To date, the border between the continents designated officially, but many scientists do not fully agree with the decision.


WHAT compilation

What is the compilation

Compilation - an ambiguous term, originally born in the literary field.

He then transformed into music and computer programming.

So in our time compilation is widespread.


WHAT futurology

There is only a moment between past and future ...

We all unrecognized futurologists, a drop of more than historians and little oracles.

Mysterious futurology is the science that deals with the study of the history of the future.

The conventional understanding of history - the natural science that studies past and present human society and the laws of its development.

Futurology examines the objectives, goals, direction of social movement and predicts possible difficulties.


Who are the Pechenegs

Who are the Pechenegs

Ancient Russia are often subjected to the invasion of nomadic tribes and unions of Asia.

One of these was the Pechenegs - the trans-Volga tribes united the descendants of Turkic peoples and Sarmatian and Finno-Ugric tribes.


What is the composition of elements in literary criticism

IE Repin. "Tolstoy at work"

Literary composition - is the ratio of parts of the work in a certain system and consistency.

This composition is a harmonious, integrated system, which includes a variety of methods and forms of literary and artistic images and due to the content of the work.


WHY develop resistance to antibiotics?

Why develop resistance to antibiotics?

Today resistance to antibiotics is developing at such a pace that we can face the problem of lack of medicines for infections in the near future.

So why antibiotics do not work?


What it is a symbol of royal power

What it is a symbol of royal power

Symbols of the royal, royal or imperial power - is a series of physical signs of a ruler, referred to as regalia.

A set of jewels in different countries about the same.

External symbols of state power have been known since antiquity and was originally called the Insignia.


What are the types of society

Post-industrial society: the city of the future

Society - a diverse, complex and singleorganism whose development takes place according to certain laws. All the peoples of the world in a progressive movement to progress pass through the same stages.

Due to this there is a total for the entire history of civilization.

The division of society into types accepted to carry on several grounds.