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WHAT butyrate

What butyrate

Narcotic drugs and nature, and manWe invented a set, but unlike natural poisons and hallucinogens, synthetic much more harmful and toxic. They have a terrible impact on the effects on the body.

One of such materials is known as naming butyrate.


What is the role of proteins in the cell

What is the role of proteins in the cell

Proteins, or organic cell proteins are essential building blocks, which is involved in synthesis of cell structures in any organism.

The value of proteins for growth and human development can hardly be overestimated.


WHAT dry water

What is a dry water

Nonsense, but in the world there is a "dry water".

What it is far from a science man appearslinguistic pun, really hope for salvation of mankind, as "dry water", may soon fight the greenhouse effect and harmful gases.


Any tree can be called a living fossil

What tree can be called a living fossil

Nature affects not only the variety of shapes and forms, but also the ability to survival, transformation and rebirth, even after the most terrible disasters.

It is believed that the ice age drastically changed the planet, and most species died.

However, even today - scientists say - you can see the descendants of the once growing trees that miraculously survived.


WHAT reclamation

What reclamation

Every year on the first Sunday of June in our country celebrate their professional holiday reclamation.

His countdown this agricultural industry in Russia dates back to 1894.

And what do they do?


WHAT application of physics in medicine

What is the application of physics in medicine

Medicine and Physics - are two structures that surround us in everyday life.

With each passing day the medicine due to the physics being upgraded, so more people can get rid of the disease.


How long live viruses and bacteria

How long live viruses and bacteria

Bacteria and viruses - an integral part of everyday life.

Malicious quite harmless and even helpful, they have quite a different period of duration of existence.


What would happen if bees disappear

What would happen if bees disappear

Natural honey is helpful, but no one even thought about what will happen if it does not become.

Although not as catastrophic disappearance of the "sweet", as the disappearance of bees - pollinators variety of plants.