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Where on earth there was water

Where on earth there was water

The origin of water on the blue planet and remains an unsolved mystery for all of humanity, as the origin of the planet Earth.

I still do not cease debate among scientists around the world working in this direction.


WHO has created a flying tank

That might be a "flying tank"

The concept of a flying tank today may seem absurd, but during the Second World War to its creation were treated very seriously.

Moreover, the very idea that was born in the early thirties, did not leave the minds of designers and in the postwar years.


How to behave when meeting with a UFO

How to behave when meeting with a UFO

About human encounters with UFOs accumulated a vast amount of material, from ancient myths to contemporary reports in the press and on the Internet.

These messages come from all corners of the world- they seem incomprehensible to many, wonderful, inexplicable. Some believe, some do not believe.

However, just in case, be prepared for a meeting with newcomers should each.


WHAT is the biggest galaxy

What is the biggest galaxy

Galaxy - it's huge gravitational system,composed of stars, gas and dust, and dark matter clusters. They have gigantic dimensions: our Milky Way galaxy is not considered large, but has a diameter of 100 thousand light years.

There are much more massive objects, the average of their sizes range from 16 to 800 thousand light-years.

The largest known galaxy has a diameter of about 6 million light-years.


What shape are the orbits of the planets of the solar system

What shape are the orbits of the planets of the solar system

The solar system has eight planets,each moves around the sun in an orbit of its own. The orbits of these planets have a shape approximating to a perfect circle, and are located almost on the same plane, called the ecliptic.

In fact, these orbits are elliptical: a little flattened from one side and extended to others.


Which stars the most famous

What are the most famous stars

The most famous among all other stars - the sun.

It may not boast the size or high temperature, but it is the center of our solar system and a source of life on Earth.

Most people are also aware of stars like Sirius, Polaris, Proxima Centauri.


HOW solar systems in the galaxy

How many solar systems in the galaxy

Galaxy, also known as the Milky Way,It consists of a large number of stars - about 200 billion, but the exact number is impossible to calculate. Many of them form a planetary system like our solar.

So far, scientists have found about a thousand of these systems, but there is still a lot of discoveries.


How to fly planes

As planes fly

Despite the fact that the plane weighs tons, it is able to fly.

The reason for this - a special wing design that allows you to change the density of the air over and under the wing.