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FRENCH cup with pineapple and champagne

French cup with pineapple and champagne

The combination of pineapple champagne is very popular. With such a combination of any beverage becomes exquisite.

Prepare for the French cup cocktail party with these ingredients.

Just to be sure to take cooking cup fresh pineapple, canned will not work this fine drink.


How useful red wine

Glass of red wine

Dry red wine can be very helpful to humans. Of course, with a moderate its use (for example, one glass at dinner).

Even the great Hippocrates used the red wine as an antiseptic, diuretic and sedative.

Modern scientists have also identified and demonstrated numerous curative properties of dry red wine.


Sangria with champagne and strawberries

Sangria with champagne and strawberries

Champagne and strawberries - a combination for a romantic dinner. Gentle taste of the drink and its invigorating flavor will make your evening memorable.

Usually sangria - a Spanish drink that is made from red wine with different fruits.

Our sangria is a bit different from the classic recipe, cooked with champagne, but this does not become less tasty.


Wine with meaning

Wine and its meaning

The wine has a special status and is allocated among the other alcoholic beverages. He has a flair of the nobility.

Mistake in wine purchasing can any ordinary citizen, how to avoid it?

Consider a few tips for beginners sommelier.


What wine to choose

What wine to choose

Wine - one of the most noble beverage.

There are hundreds and thousands of varieties.

That is why it so difficult to find a particular beverage to a particular meal.


Best recipe cherry brandy

Cherry brandy

It's nice for a holiday to the table home brandy and enjoy its aroma and taste.

So as a result lived up to expectations, it is necessary to make this drink properly.

Then good taste is guaranteed.


HOME champagne

homemade champagne

Now the province of Champagne is very famous, but before that it was quite poor and instead of sparkling wine produced only shelved.

Now, however, there is produced a very tasty champagne.

Of course, at home you can hardly get to cook French or Soviet champagne, but this recipe turns out just as good sparkling wine.


How to make a tincture of black currant

Tincture of black currant

Home infusion is delicious and useful.

For its preparation does not use artificial flavors and colors that are very valuable.

It is enough to put the required amount of ingredients in the bottle, wait 2-4 weeks and can begin tasting.