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How to make non-alcoholic beer

Nonalcoholic beer

Non-alcoholic beer for its taste does not differ from the usual drink. And the ingredients used for its preparation similar.

The main difference is present in the manufacturing process.

non-alcoholic beer production technology is much more complex.


WHAT beer harmful

What is more harmful than beer

Beer belongs to one of the most ancient of low alcoholic drinks, which was used in ancient Egypt.

Today, beer is in great demand in most countries of the world, which leads to its production in large volumes.

However, not all varieties of the drink are of high quality and good taste.


How to cook green beer

How to cook green beer

Green beer - a low-alcohol beverage obtained by fermentation of the first must.

It added secret ingredients, so a very small number of people know the real part of this unique beverage.


How to cook a good beer at home


Varieties of beer there is a huge amount. This drink is considered to be one of the most popular in the world.

Prepare and it can be at home.

Moreover, a minimum number of ingredients you can treat not only the classic varieties, but also exclusive, for example, beer from pine shoots or dried fruit.


How to stop drinking beer

How to give up beer

Regular consumption of beer rarely considers alcoholism.

And for good reason.

Of course, a glass of beer a couple of times a month will not cause any harm to the body.

However, daily consumption of beer, especially in large quantities, is very harmful.


Can I drink stale beer

Can I drink stale beer

Today, supermarkets often hold shares, selling a few bottles of beer for the price of one.

Customers are happy to buy a drink, but not all of them pay attention to the expiration date promotional beer, which is usually overdue.

So is it possible to use the expired beer without danger to health?


How to make a dark beer

How is a dark beer

Dark beer - one of the most interesting species of the popular worldwide beverage with an ancient history.

Due to the peculiarities of the technology of preparation, a dark beer has an original bright taste with characteristic aroma of caramel, rich color and density, which are not inherent to light beers.


What beer is considered the best in the world

What is considered as the best beer in the world

Beer has a long history, there are many varieties and flavors, which depend on the ingredients used.

But to create such kind of beer, which experts can rightfully be called the best.