Articles about Liqueur and vermouth


ITALIAN strawberry liqueur

Italian strawberry liqueur

Assortment liquor stores not always sufficiently wide, moreover, the liquor quality is not cheap.

Therefore, it makes sense to prepare a sweet liquor on their own, for example, Italian strawberry - a rarity in liquor stores, and even bars.


How to cook lemon Spotykach

How to cook lemon Spotykach

Spotykach - a national Ukrainian alcoholic beverage.

I suggest to cook it at home.


WHAT Cinzano

What Cinzano

Cinzano - this is one of the most popular brands of vermouth in the world.

In most countries it ranks first or second in terms of sales among this type of alcoholic beverage.


SEVERAL berry drink recipes

Several berry drink recipes

Berry drinks are very diverse and rich. They may be both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Recipes liquor and cup are very simple and have not contain artificial additives.


How to prepare Baileys

How to prepare Baileys

"Baileys" - a creamy coffee liqueur.

His exquisite delicate taste is familiar to many the fair sex.

This wonderful drink can be easily made at home.


A simple recipe of cherry liqueur

Simple recipe for cherry liqueur

Cherry liqueur - an alcoholic drink that is made from the fruit and cherry leaves.

The pleasant taste of cherry flavored liqueur can be made at home.


How to drink liquor XuXu

A thick drink made on the basis of strawberry smoothie with no added sugar

Currently, the market is replete with a variety of alcoholic beverages beverages in Russia, imported from across the world.

Sometimes, crimson desire to try an unusual product, people are asking - and how to use it?


How to cook berry liqueur

How to make a berry liqueur

Berry liqueurs are usually made from different berriesinfusions on alcohol or vodka, a liquor still need to add sugar syrup or sugar. The basis may serve as strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, mountain ash, cranberry, blackberry, cranberry, cherry and other berries.

In addition, berry liqueur added to alcoholic drinks and desserts.

In its pure form it is fed into the liqueur glasses, be sure cooling before.