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HOW do sambuca at home

Home sambuca

Recipe Italian liqueur Sambuca is unknown for certain. Producers manage to keep it a secret.

It is understood that the composition includes a wheat beverage alcohol, anise, sugar.

Tasters believe that there has extractor berries or elderberry flowers.


How do Belarusian vodka Bulbash

How do Belarusian vodka Bulbash

Vodka from ancient times considered a truly popular alcoholic beverage having intoxicating properties, and even healing.

List of recipes this drink is quite extensive, and it is impossible to calculate exactly how many species exist, but it is worth paying attention to one of the popular recipes, which is called Bulbash.


How to drink Hennessy

How to drink Hennessy

The high status of cognac "Hennessy» (Hennessy) binds to drink it properly, according to the established traditions.

Without the classic rituals of cognac, recognized as the best in the world, it turns into an ordinary drinking forty-degree alcohol.


WHAT excerpt from Blue Label whiskey

What is an excerpt from the Blue Label whiskey

To determine a specific value whiskey excerptsJohnnie Walker Blue Label is almost impossible, since this drink is produced by a mixture of sixteen rare varieties, among which there are old and young.

Nevertheless, the average age of the beverage usually measured at twenty-five years.


Than harm cheap alcohol

The bad cheap alcohol

Alcohol addiction many Russians remain unchanged over the centuries - from all strong drink, they still prefer vodka.

It remains unchanged and its composition - water and ethylalcohol, but its cost is very different. Therefore, the bulk of the drinkers prefer to buy the cheapest alcohol, because the effect is the same.

But for all that, and cheap, and expensive alcohol is harmful to health, cheapest still poses a great danger.


What smells like a good cognac

What smells like a good cognac

French sommelier identified fifty-four basic flavors that are found in wines and cognacs.

It is assumed that the additional flavors many times more.


How to decipher the label XO

How to decipher the CW label

If you bought a bottle of brandy with XO marking on the label, consider yourself lucky.

It is so marked only seasoned, old noble drink.


How to choose a good vodka

Several kinds of vodka presented

Attention is drawn to the fact that the liquid in the bottle was completely transparent.

The label should be affixed smoothly and contain information on the date of bottling, the factory and the name of the city where it is located.