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How to prepare a cocktail of tequila

Margarita Cocktail

Tequila refers to alcoholic beverages.

The alcohol content equal to 51%, not every stand, so most of it is used for preparation of various cocktails.

There tequila loses considerable fortress and enriched with a variety of flavors.


COCKTAIL "Mexican"

Cocktail "Mexican"

Alcoholic cocktail "Mexican" - a combination of tequila, cane syrup, flavored liqueur and citrus. All of this in a glass causes an explosion of all kinds of emotions.

This drink is more suitable for women, as the taste of his sweet and very fragrant, it is quite simple to prepare.


Pomegranate-PINEAPPLE cup

Garnet pineapple cup

The word "cup" translated from French as "pitcher." And all because of the fact that the components of the drink mix in a jar.

Krushon tastes like punch, serve it chilled.

Soft cup are much less common than alcohol, usually drink champagne and wine are added.


Alcoholic cocktails «Bazooka Bubblegum»

Alcoholic cocktail «Bazooka Bubblegum»

Cocktail «Bazooka Bubblegum» was created by an American bartender Eden Freeman exclusively for the female audience.

The second name of the drink - "Cocktail for a glamorous blonde."

Initially, as the basis for a drinkWe used an unusual vodka with a taste of gum, because the very name of the cocktail comes from the name gum pink. Then he began to add itself gum.

This "pink" will enjoy a cocktail at any party popularity.



Margarita Mango

This wonderful drink comes from Latin America. "Margarita" fairly well-known alcoholic cocktail.

Mainly from the drink thrilled the beautiful half of the Earth.

The cocktail add tequila and lemon or lime juice.

Another cocktail add some liquor - often citrus.

Option drink with mango has a gorgeous color and bright flavor.


How to cook a sparkling fruit cocktail

How to cook a sparkling fruit cocktail

Cocktails are perfect for any holiday.

I suggest that you prepare a sparkling fruit cocktail with champagne.


WHAT cocktail tubules in which cases are used?

Colored tubes decorate the bright and clear drinks

The tubes, which are fed to cocktails, can be of different colors, lengths and diameters.

They can stir a cocktail or drink a drink through them.

In some bars straw is also used as the symbol for the waiter or replace them skewers, stringing as decoration fruit, olives and other side dishes.


Alcoholic cocktails with tea

Alcoholic cocktails with tea

Now only some ingredients are not used in the mixing of alcoholic cocktails - interesting combinations of recipes and there are many!

Wine and cocktails can be prepared even on tea basis.

Prepare a choice of 3 tea cocktail: creamy drink with a pleasant aroma of amaretto cocktail with chocolate flavor or a strong enough cocktail with orange vodka.