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HOW do sambuca at home

Home sambuca

Recipe Italian liqueur Sambuca is unknown for certain. Producers manage to keep it a secret.

It is understood that the composition includes a wheat beverage alcohol, anise, sugar.

Tasters believe that there has extractor berries or elderberry flowers.


Composition of coffee beverage Kurzeme

The composition of the coffee beverage Kurzeme

Coffee drink "Kurzeme" - healthy and tasty food that is not only great for breakfast, but also has different healing properties.

It is produced in 1944 and since then has managed to gain a strong love of their fans.


FRENCH cup with pineapple and champagne

French cup with pineapple and champagne

The combination of pineapple champagne is very popular. With such a combination of any beverage becomes exquisite.

Prepare for the French cup cocktail party with these ingredients.

Just to be sure to take cooking cup fresh pineapple, canned will not work this fine drink.


How to prepare a cocktail of tequila

Margarita Cocktail

Tequila refers to alcoholic beverages.

The alcohol content equal to 51%, not every stand, so most of it is used for preparation of various cocktails.

There tequila loses considerable fortress and enriched with a variety of flavors.


ITALIAN strawberry liqueur

Italian strawberry liqueur

Assortment liquor stores not always sufficiently wide, moreover, the liquor quality is not cheap.

Therefore, it makes sense to prepare a sweet liquor on their own, for example, Italian strawberry - a rarity in liquor stores, and even bars.



fruit Sandy

Sunday - a drink that is prepared on the basis of an ice cream or frozen yogurt with fruit, syrup, liqueur or nuts.

Originally drink from Massachusetts.

Consider some recipes prigotvoleniya fruit Sunday.


How green tea affects the pressure

As green tea affect the pressure

Green tea - a drink loved by many. It has a pleasant taste, invigorates, perfectly quenches thirst.

However, your drink should be not only delicious, it should also not bring harm.


COCKTAIL "Mexican"

Cocktail "Mexican"

Alcoholic cocktail "Mexican" - a combination of tequila, cane syrup, flavored liqueur and citrus. All of this in a glass causes an explosion of all kinds of emotions.

This drink is more suitable for women, as the taste of his sweet and very fragrant, it is quite simple to prepare.