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How to choose a quality purse

How to choose a quality purse

Purse takes a leading position in the market of purses. It is stored not only paper money but a trifle, credit cards, and much more.

Today you can see a wide variety of patterns and shapes.

But how to choose a quality purse, so you do not regret buying?

What kind of characteristics and qualities you need to know?


WHAT earrings now in vogue

What is in fashion earrings

Correctly matched earrings will complement your outfit and emphasize the dignity of the person.

Choose decorations that suit you, not only, but also conform to the latest fashion trends.

Today, several relevant areas - from romantic to classical restrained.


KIKIE clutches kinds exist

Kikie clutches kinds exist

Clutch - fashionable bag without handles.

The name was an accessory for a click during closing.

But today the clutches do not only with the clicky framework lock - on sale you can find models of various shapes and sizes, designed for day and evening.


HOW do earring hornblende-lip

Raised piercing

Piercing - one of the most creative ways to decorate the body and face.

Decide on the punctures not everyone can,especially when it comes to lips, eyelids and nose. Earrings-blende looks almost no different from the present piercing, but the damage to their skin wearing absolutely not required.

Make this accessory can be their own.


Cruel beauty

The brutal beauty

Probably, not everyone thought about the way in which appears in the shell pearl? According to legend, sellers, shell accidentally falls into a grain of sand.

Then there comes a certain process, and after a while you can see the pearls.


Sunglasses for Women: Trends summer 2014

Sunglasses for Women: Trends summer 2014

Trends of the season dictate the brightness and performance of manufacturability.

Sunglasses were no exception, many current models heavily blacked out, have large dimensions and clear form.

All this gives the image of power, mystery and a little bit aggressive.


IDEA necklace as kokoshnik

The idea of ​​a necklace in the form of kokoshnik

Soon the summer, it's time to bright dresses and colorful ornaments.

Perhaps, in the spring and summer, you can afford a little more than in autumn and winter: big flashy accessories or soft and voluminous. It will be very interesting to watch necklace-kokoshnik.

National motifs are very actual today.


WHAT boa

What boa

Many fashionable women, especially lovers of furs, familiar with stylish accessories like boa. It is a small fur scarf that is worn around the neck or shoulders pounces on top of an evening dress.

Sewn boa usually from fox, fox, sable, mink or marten.

There is also a model of artificial fur.