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How best to paint OSB

How best to paint OSB

OSB, or oriented strand boardis engineered wood products, is widely used for wall, floor and roof. The plate has no internal cavities, and therefore it is stronger than plywood.

Finishing can be performed using virtually any material.

It is possible to paint, putty, varnish, glue and plaster.


How to remove yellow stains after applying liquid wallpaper

How to remove yellow stains after applying liquid wallpaper

Liquid wallpaper - innovative buildinga material that allows transform any interior. Easy to apply, high aesthetic quality, durability - this is only some advantages of liquid wallpaper.

But to unique material feast for the eyes as long as possible, it is necessary to use it properly. Often, the error applying liquid wallpaper yellow spots appear on the surface created.

Getting rid of them can be effective, but effective ways.


WHAT foundation is better: the filler or of the blocks

Strip foundation

Are right saying that goes, that the foundation - is the basis of everything. When building a house without it can not do.

It is important to understand what will be the best of its kind at a specific site.


Exfoliated vermiculite in construction

Expanded vermiculite in construction

Expanded vermiculite refers to highly porous, loose, lightweight materials. It is used for thermal insulation and fire protection of buildings.

High fluidity allows filling of hard to fill the voids of various shapes.

Thermal insulation characteristics of vermiculite insulation properties comparable with concrete walls 2 meters thick.


How to calculate the amount of concrete to fill the floor

How to calculate the amount of concrete to fill the floor

Concrete is a versatile buildingmaterial that is used to organize the bases, the alignment of various surfaces, including casting of floors, construction and support structures.

To most accurately plan your timeexecution of concreting works and to determine the exact quantity of material necessary to make calculations in advance to determine the required amount of concrete mass.


HOW drying oil paint

How many dry oil paint

Oil paint is versatile enough. It is suitable for painting large areas, and for decorative purposes.

At its rate of drying may influence many factors.


ALL for the repair and construction of houses

Construction Materials

If you want to upgrade your home or build a house, you need to think about their financial options and local acquisition of the necessary building materials.

Buy it possible to specialized markets, in stores or over the Internet.


How to build a home stove


Stove heating the house has not lost its necessity in some regions. Usually build a furnace with high emissivity.

They are intended for heating several rooms and used for cooking.

Good to know about how to build a home stove.

Of course, for this we need to study a lot of literature and have some experience.