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How to use a fire extinguisher

How to use a fire extinguisher

Ability to use a fire extinguisher can be useful at any time of life, so everyone must be aware of its design and function.

When starting a fire, he can save lives and property, and will keep the spread of the fire before the arrival of firefighters.

How to use a fire extinguisher properly?


How to create a clean air space in the apartment

Ecology in your apartment

The air in our homes is dirtier than outside, where nature windswept and rain washes even tortured traffic jams streets.

Unfortunately, we very quickly cease to notice the pungent smells as sniffs them, and deeper breathing polluted air everyday life.

But the opportunity to create clean air space in the apartment is still there.


Alarm system

The elements of the security apparatus

The correct choice of burglar alarms depends on the safety of property, fire safety at home.

When selecting these systems, it is important to know the pros and cons of different types of alarms that will choose the most suitable option.


WHAT outlet with earth

What is a socket with earthing

Socket with earth in your home not only protects against electric shock.

The grounding makes a more stable operation of complex home appliances: washing machine, computer, video and audio.


WHY can be heated appliance power plug

Why can heat the appliance power plug

Probably everyone at least once faced with a situation where, turning off any electrical appliance, you take the plug, but it's hot.

It is understood that it is abnormal.

But why, it may be heated?


How to choose the doors

How to choose the doors

If the comfort of the house is the result of well-chosen elements of the interior, for the security of any property are responsible in the first place set at the entrance to his door.

Before you choose and buy the most suitable model, it is necessary to understand the features of this inalienable attribute for each home.


How to secure an empty apartment?

How to secure an empty apartment?

Today uncommon history when hackers have taken homeowners their empty apartments for personal enrichment.

How to protect yourself from such fraud?


How to choose a door lock

How to choose a door lock

No matter how high-quality, robust and reliable nor was the door, protection from foreign penetration depends on the door lock.

In addition, the right choice of door lock ensures easy opening and closing of the door.

To choose a really good gear, you need to know about the advantages and disadvantages of various kinds.