How to create your own kitchen design

How to create your own kitchen design

Compile kitchen project need to start repairs, to purchase building materials.

The project is necessary for the proper placement of the gas equipment, water supply and drainage system.


7 Steps to cleanliness and order in the kitchen

7 Steps to cleanliness and order in the kitchen

The kitchen is often - this is the most favorite and most uncontrollable place in the house.

Here accumulate things all family members - children's textbooks and exercise books, working papers of her husband, toys - and somewhere in this mess, you have to prepare lunches and dinners.

To make your life easier, make 7 steps towards a rational organization of the working space in the kitchen.


OVAL kitchen

The oval-shaped kitchen

Relatively recently entered into use non-standard forms of cuisine, one of the types of such food - a Radius or oval kitchen. Its main feature - the presence of oval shapes of kitchen units.

Figures may be different - from ordinary ovals and circles, to different lines, eights, etc.


FEATURES cuisine in the style of minimalism

Features of the kitchen in the style of minimalism

Minimalism is a laconic style.

But you can not worry - the paucity of decoration items will make less rich Kitchen interior in minimalist style.

Every thing in this kitchen attracts the gaze gourmet rigor.

To make a kitchen in this style, you must first become familiar with its features.


How to choose a mechanical mixer for cocktails

How to choose a mechanical mixer for cocktails

Mechanical mixers or blenders were originally invented specifically for mixing cocktails - their kitchen began to use later.

These compact functional devices available today in a wide range.

Which one is better to choose for making amazing drinks?


WHAT wash light countertop?

The wash light countertop?

Light countertops are very popular because they decorate the kitchen, giving it an expensive and stylish look.

However, many housewives are afraid to buy them because of heightened soiled - light stone quickly gets dirty and some stain is difficult to deduce.

The same can clean the dirty surface light countertops?


How to choose a guardian for the kitchen

Charm Kitchen

The kitchen is considered the most important room in the house.

It is here that is born and spreads the remaining rooms of positive energy.

Therefore, the kitchen should be protected from the negative and evil coming from the outside.

For this purpose, are amulets for the kitchen that must be placed at the corners, where the bad energy centers more often.

The role of amulets can perform the usual kitchen accessories, products, and fresh flowers.


How to get rid of the musty smell in the refrigerator

How to get rid of the musty smell in the refrigerator

With an unpleasant odor from the refrigerator faced every woman. It occurs due to the particulate products which are refrigerated and are deposited in large amounts on the surface thereof.

What if in the refrigerator instead of the smell of freshness appeared bad, musty odor of spoiled food?