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HOW starched napkin openwork

Napkins should be starched

Starched napkins look carefully, do not crumple. A curly or openwork napkins nakrahmalivat just need to keep the details of the form.

Nowadays, many would be happy to starched napkins, but not everyone knows how to do it.


What color to choose curtains

What color to choose curtains

Curtains - decor elements, allowing dramatically change the appearance of the premises.

Matched to a certain color scheme, theywill help make the room more light or dark, visually expand the space or, conversely, to narrow it, and if necessary - to focus attention on the windows.


How to choose fashionable curtains

How to choose fashionable curtains

How to choose curtains, as they, like mostthings at the present time, are subject to fashion, and occasionally on the market there are new trends and new tissue. Equipping your home, everyone is trying to do all that it has its own unique appearance and also had a special atmosphere in which the whole family will feel comfortable.

To this effect a lot of your own ideas to help you decorate the house, dekoriruete it.

A major role in setting up plays any part, including the curtains.


How to choose a window wardrobe

Properly selected curtains

It's time to start up in the spring house, and the easiest way to do this is through a new window wardrobe.

Many housewives know that from the selected and hung curtains and changing the whole cozy atmosphere in the house.


How to choose material for curtains

How to choose material for curtains

Window decoration is necessary to pay special attention to, because otherwise the interior will not look complete.

Curtains protect from drafts and optimize the light pattern.

They protect from prying residents of the neighboring house.

Only you can decide what to choose - originality or sophistication, children's naivety or classical rigor.

We'll show you how to choose the right textile for decorating the windows.


Tips for choosing the carpet

tips for choosing the carpet,

There are many carpets of different sizes and colors, and they perform different functions.

For example, a carpet of small size can be a major focus of the room, setting the tone for the whole interior.

Also, a small rug will divide the zone,for example, in a studio apartment separate play area for the child from the parents' bedroom area. Beautiful, well-chosen rug will serve as a final touch to the design of space for reading or conversations on the souls.

How to choose a carpet so that it perfectly fits into the basic concept of the interior?


How to remove the stain of red wine on the carpet?

How to remove the stain of red wine on the carpet?

Remove stains from drinks promokaniem.Svezhie best spots on the table linen with salt: it does not give them raspolztis.

On carpets the salt creates a moist areas, attracting dirt, so I advise you to use a three-step method for removing stains.


WHAT curtains to fit your kitchen

What are the curtains to fit your kitchen

Kitchen - a place where a woman spends most of the time.

I wish that there were all nice and cozy.

But comfort begins with the curtains.