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Why Mona Lisa smiles

Why is Mona Lisa smiling

The picture that the whole world knows as the "Mona Lisa"or "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci wrote in 1507 and since then, the related secrets haunt scientists, poets, artists and simply in love with the art of the people.

Every year, about six million people visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, to themselves understand the force of attraction and the secret of one of the most famous smiles.


What happened to the group Disco accident

What happened to the group Disco accident

Group "Disco accident" started its creative work officially since 1990. Perhaps this is one of the most long-lived groups in the domestic show business.

However, even with such a robust friendly staff time has been changed in its composition.


What Picasso and Dali similarities

Portrait of Salvador Dali

The 20th century left a large footprint in the arts.

Surprisingly, on the background of the newly invented art of cinema has not lost its position at the time, but on the contrary developed rapidly.

Artists living an active creative and social life, gathered in groups and clubs, organized school of painting and opened the way for new directions in art.


Occupation usher

What does the usher

The little - this is the position that existed in the past in theaters and preserved only in theaters.

The word is considered to be partly obsolete asmore and more workers who perform functions usher in modern theaters and cinemas are replaced by other people, and their positions are called differently, for example, ushers.


WHAT the real name of the singer Maksim

What is the real name of the singer Maksim

In March 2006, the debut album of the singer with a strange name Maxim called "Difficult age".

Not only is the song's liking huge number of students, so more interest in the singer warmed up the fact that she is a man's name.


What distinguishes the game from the talented actor mediocrity games

Curtain will rise and the game starts

I do not always look at the game and the actor believe what is happening. Some gestures, posture, verbal and non-verbal ways of feeding themselves - all this seems false and unworthy of attention.

However, this actor is different.


Where to find a literary text of an opera

A scene from the opera Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro"

Speaking about the author of the opera, commonly referred to as a composer. But any opera there is also the author, who wrote her literary text.

Sometimes it happens that the composer himself wrote the text, as did A.Borodin for his opera "Prince Igor", but most composers entrust this work to poets.


How to create a list of artists of the 19th century

Auguste Renoir. "Claude Monet at work in Arzhanteye"

19th century - the heyday of both global andRussian painting. During this period, key areas in the painting of Western Europe are Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism and Neo, prerafaelizm.

If you want to make a list of artists of the 19th century, it is better to structure it in ways that represented these artists, as well as countries that are centers of development of these areas.