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WORSHIP fragrances Chanel

Religious fragrances Chanel

Name Chanel - is synonymous with classic elegance and femininity, despite the fact that, in fact, Gabrielle Chanel was a revolutionary and violated all possible rules.

However, that is why in our minds it is firmly associated with the inviolable laws of fashion and style, which is followed by millions of women.

Religious items are bags, powder and perfume course - in every epoch the famous fashion house gave shoppers a scent that instantly became an epoch in perfumery.


Where to see the overview perfume fragrance

Where to see the overview perfume fragrance

Description of perfume or eau de toilette fragrance helps the buyer in absentia to stop the choice on the name of the perfumes that fits most.

Before making a purchase, it is desirable to scrutinize it.


How to choose a perfume

How to choose a perfume

Perfume - an important part of the female image.

The proper selection of perfume product will depend on the extent to get a harmonious way in general.


How and where to apply perfume correctly

How and where to properly apply perfume

If you observe a few simple rules for applying toilet water or perfume, their flavor will last longer.


What is different from the eau de parfum toilet

The eau de parfum is different from the toilet

The process of creating the fragrance takes a lot of time. Perfume seeks to create scents that will harmoniously complement of people, different in nature.

The result of his activity are compositions, for sale in the form of cologne, perfume, perfumed and scented water.

The distinction between the last two is often difficult.


MAGIC spirits: how to choose the right perfume

Magic Spirits: How to choose the right perfume

Perfume reflect the inner world of women, her mood. If properly selected fragrance, this may not only cause discomfort and headaches owner, but also the irritation of surrounding.

Choose "own" flavor is very difficult.

If the smell of getting at least a little bit uncomfortable, it affects the entire shape of a woman - there is lack of confidence and charm is lost.


What smells like men

What smells like men

When choosing a sexual partner plays an important role smell.

Therefore, women, choosing spirits, often guided not only on your taste, but also the opinion of the representatives of a strong half of mankind.

Which can differ considerably from their own.


Hormonal makeup: pros and cons

Hormone cosmetics: pros and cons

Hormone cosmetics today is often found in beauty salons and on the shelves of stores, but consumers simply can not conclusively determine whether or not it is harmful.

Some women consider it an escape from old age, the other part is convinced that hormone cosmetics dangerous to health.

Is there a happy medium?