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Floating - life in weightlessness

Floating was coined in 1950, but widespread, this SPA-procedure was only in the last couple of decades.

Its main advantage - the possibility of complete isolation from the outside world.


How to make milk peeling

How to make milk peeling

Milk peeling do with lactic acid.

Suitable for all age groups it is recommended for those who have problem skin (black spots, acne), unhealthy complexion, wrinkles, and everyone who wants to have a smooth and beautiful face.


WHAT acupressure

What is acupressure

Acupressure, acupressure, originated in ancient times in the territory of modern China, Japan and Korea.

It is based on the principles that the treatment should be integrated (assuming that the disease specific organ - a disease of the whole body), unhurried and individual.


How to do facial massage by yourself

How to make your own facial massage

Self-massage - one of the most effective means of cosmetic skin care face and neck.

It is well helps fight wrinkles, especially if you start to do it with the appearance of the very first signs of aging.


HOW do skulpturiruyuschy massage?

lechebnyj massazh

One of the most effective techniques for weight loss and make the natural forms of the body - skulpturiruyuschy massage. It can help you reduce body volume and adjust the shape


Face Honey massage

Face Honey massage

Honey - a truly magical tool not only for health, but also beauty.

His long been used in a variety of beauty and spa treatments such as body wraps, massages and masks.

Massage honey became known method to combatstretch marks and cellulite, but for a person in honey there is a lot of useful features: a small tool nourishes and tones the skin so effectively transforming it in just a few minutes.

So how do you make a honey facial?



fish-leg massage

In South-East Asia, Turkey, Egypt and many other fish-service massage it is quite common.

In Russia, she had just started to gain popularity.

Are these tiny fish the size of 2-5 cm can be massaged and be useful for a person?

The answer is only one - can!


Visiting the infrared sauna

How to attend an infrared sauna

Infrared sauna becomes nowadays more and more popular.

Not so this is amazing - because it provides a relatively high therapeutic effect, but serious contraindications she is much less than that of a conventional sauna.

What rules should be observed when visiting the infrared sauna to extract maximum benefit from the process?