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CREATIVITY Korney Chukovsky

Creativity Korney Chukovsky

Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky was born in 1882 in St. Petersburg, and during the years of his life has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best Soviet poets, essayists and literary critics.

He is also the father of two well-known writers - Nicholas and Lydia Korneyevich Chukovskaya.

So what works are part of the literary creation Korney Ivanovich?


WOLF as the character of Russian fairy tales

Wolf as the character of Russian fairy tales

Tales of animals found in the folklore of every nation.

Are they in the Russian tradition.

Among the characters in these tales a special place occupies the wolf.


How to make a presentation of his book,

How to make a presentation of his book,

Presentation plays an important role in the promotion of any product, including books.

A well-made and effectively carried out the presentation of interest can cause even the most inactive public.


As a set of words

How to reduce the word

Always it is difficult to reduce the lyrics to the music. In this case it is necessary to have a certain program which is miksmeyster, whereby conveniently be reduced.

It is important to keep the speed of the vocals to the song itself has not changed.

In each case it is necessary to approach the individual entries.

But still there are some general instructions to ensure as much as possible to reduce the words to the music.


Where to send their poems

Where to send your poems

To achieve recognition as a poet, you need not only to write a good poem, but also demonstrate its greatest possible number of people.

Due to the widespread dissemination of the Internet, it can be done quite simply.


Where to send the article

To submit your article

Novice writers often interested in where to send their written articles for a fee or just for their publication in the public domain.

Select the appropriate option depending on your preference.


How to write a book correctly

How to write a book correctly

Everyone is talented in his own way, and, if desired, can express itself in the works. One way to demonstrate the talent may be writing a book.

Absolute recipe does not exist here, because every person is different, has its own unique outlook on life, language and style of writing.

But the general rule, allowing the right approach to the writing of the book, do exist.


Where to send the script

A successful scenario is bound to be brought to life

Stsenaristika - quite specific genre of literature that requires special skill from the author.

But even the most talented writer sooner or later face the problem of where exactly he may send his script for the further adaptation of the latter.