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SERIAL fire of love

"Fire of Love" - ​​a show about love and hate

The series "Fire of Love" was released in January 2008.

Andrew lumps and Konstantin Serov - the director melodrama.

The entire storyline develops around the life stepsisters: Svetlana and Margarita.


What TV series My Prechistenka

The series "My Prechistenka"

Film "My Prechistenka" lovers of Russian historical series.

Within a few days, you can keep track of their favorite characters, watch how the their lives against the backdrop of the dramatic events of Russia.


When they left the comedy "Happy New Year, Mom"

Mom - the most important person in a child's life

The film "Happy New Year, Mom," was released in rent in the New Year's Eve.

This wonderful family comedy is a sequel to the movie "Mama."

Only there are new characters, which has seen many interesting events.


How to make 3D glasses-improvised?

How to make 3D glasses-improvised?

Remembering emotions arising when watching a movie or cartoon in 3D movie theater, you may want to have 3D at home. But it needs to purchase expensive 3D-TV-and 3D-glasses.

But there is an option to view 3D photos / videos on a normal monitor, the so-called anaglyph 3D-glasses, which are much cheaper, but you can do it yourself.


BEST detective series

"Miss Marple" - one of the best detective series

Detective series allow for months or even several years to see the screen of your favorite heroes.

Films of this genre, there are many.

There are 3 age groups in order to understand what detectives loved each of them.


WHAT 3D cinemas are in Moscow

What 3D cinemas are in Moscow

In Moscow, there are many theaters, the vast majority of them has a 3-D equipment today. But which ones are the best and most interesting?

Select a movie theater, which will satisfy all your needs is not easy, but possible.

List of the most exciting 3D halls in Moscow can help you with this.


What is the plot of the film "Boy A"

What is the plot of the film "Boy A"

"Boy A" - British drama, which was published in 2007.

The picture was filmed by director John Crowley on the novel by young writer Jonathan Triggela.


Starring Titanic

Starring Titanic

One of the highest grossing films of James Cameron's "Titanic" was filmed in 1996, and its budget was originally only 110 million dollars.

However, the film became a blockbuster, audiences are reviewed several times.