Minor repairs


How to decorate your house, using old corks from wine?

Stand of the mirrors and wooden frame

You have accumulated a large number of house wine corks?

Do not throw them in the trash, and it is better to think about how the second can use them to decorate your home.

This article will help you with this.


WHAT floor will be easier and cheaper to make in the kitchen

There are many different ways to make a simple and inexpensive kitchen floor

Covering the kitchen floor is usually the most expensive in the house. After all materials must be strong enough to withstand the harsh conditions of space.

Spilled liquid on which the floor is sticky and dirty, falling objects, including sharp knives and forks - all these misfortunes can only withstand rugged and often expensive material.


How to sharpen a knife in a hand-grinder

How to sharpen a knife in a hand-grinder

In place of a mechanical grinder to our kitchens are increasingly its electrical counterparts come. But the hand grinder is still in vogue.

If the meat has been screwed onto the screw, stuck in the lattice may be blunt knife.

Of course, you can use another knife or buy a new one. If a replacement part was not, and the time to run to the store there?

The knife can be sharpened at home in just a few minutes.


How to solder copper wire

How to solder copper wires

Copper wire has long been used in electrics. Why solder wire.

Welded wire last longer than the usual twist.

Stranding eventually starts to warm up, which can lead to fire.

Therefore it is better to solder wires that provide reliable contact.


How to glue wallpapers on your own wall?

How to glue wallpapers on the wall?

Photo wallpapers Wall design - a great way to change the interior of the room.

The main condition of this transformation - the careful selection of pictures that will decorate your home for an extended period of time.


How to build yourself a plywood podium in the apartment

Podium in the apartment of plywood

Podium in the apartment is not only a decorative original interior decoration, but also brings significant practical benefit.

Podium is the part of the floor, which is raised by 25-30 centimeters over the rest of the space in the room.


How to get rid of blisters on plywood

How to get rid of blisters on plywood

Blisters on plywood often arise as a result of its long-term operation or when using poor-quality adhesive.

Throwing such furniture is, of course, not necessary, because the bumps can be eliminated.

To date, there are two most popular ways of plywood recovery.


REPAIR lower cistern


Lower cistern is generally preferred due to the more aesthetic appearance.

Upper tank in our time is used less and less, although it is more reliable. One of the problems of the lower tank is the fragility of its plastic parts that can break.

The tank has an opening in the bottom, into which bolts are inserted with the rubber washer.

Bolts are not usually made of brass and iron. Over time, they begin to corrode and leak.

It is necessary to completely disassemble the tank and change the bolts.

If the tank digs, but the bolts are not severely damaged by corrosion, you can use a simpler method.