Auto Insurance


What is the cost to insure a car

What is the cost to insure a car

Drivers interested in the safety of their car, they want some way to insure it.

Today, car insurance does not take a lot of time and money.


How to fit into the policy CASCO

How to write in the policy CASCO

When buying a car, as well as other vehicles it is compulsory insurance of transport facility from damage, theft or hijacking.

This is the motorist will CASCO insurance.


Whether insurance is needed when buying a car

Does insurance need when buying a car

In 2000, auto insurance became obligatory in Russia.

Many motorists are still wondering: a need car insurance when buying a car?

While there are disputes in this regard, the law is still valid.


What is the advanced CTP

Civil responsibility

MTPL policy is a guarantee of payment of damages to the driver, who was injured in an accident.

Of course, payment of the insured event is carried out in the presence of the policy at the culprit of the accident.

However, the amount of insurance payment in this case, limited to 120 000 rubles. If the damage exceeds this amount, then the perpetrator is obliged to make up the difference from their own funds.

To solve such a problem can DSAGO policy.


What documents are needed for the hull

Polis CASCO needs for both beginner and experienced driver.

In the market of insurance services for the design of more than 10 companies offer.

For the policy will need a minimum set of documents.


How to get the transit CTP

How to get transit CTP

CTP Transit - a short-term contract of third party liability insurance.

The policy in this case is made out for a maximum of 20 days, at the expiration of this period must be replaced.

During his actions transit CTP provides the vehicle owner the same conditions, which means a normal policy.


What documents are required for registration of CTP

MTPL policy

Compulsory - this third party liability insurance of vehicle owners, which is mandatory.

For driving without policy of compulsory motor TPL insurance legislation installed fine.

Penalties not only for the absence of this document, but if it contains errors, for example, if the driver is not entered in the insurance.


Whether it is possible to insure the hull if the car loan


When buying a car on credit every motorist confronted with the question of CASCO insurance.

This item is a prerequisite for the loan.

Hull has a lot of nuances, in some cases, the existence of the policy is not necessary, even when buying a vehicle loan.