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How to catch vendace

How to catch vendace

Tasty fish whitefish is found in clear water lakes of Karelia, the Baltic States, there are also some in the bays of the Baltic Sea.

It even served to the royal table, and crowned special care that the population of this species of whitefish are not translated.

You will need

  • - fishing rod-
  • - leska-
  • - blesny-
  • - Bait.



Whitefish mainly feeds on plankton, soYour catch will be more successful in the habitats of microscopic aqueous resident. Fish spawns in the late autumn and early winter. "The royal herring" (as has long been called whitebait) prefer to settle in the reservoirs of cold water and a depth greater than the average value. Especially fond of fish a large number of reefs and submerged rocks.


In the spring, late fall and winter, "royal herring"It feeds on small fish, a butterfly and a small smelt. At this time it is better to catch whitefish on live bait. In summer, it is very difficult to catch the fish on the float rod. This is only possible if the single vendace repulse from the pack. The bulk of the "royal herring" is to avoid your pitfalls.


Whitefish catch all prosper from autumn to latespring. At this time in the reservoirs collected several shoals of fish in the cold period of the "royal herring" falls to the bottom and begins to spawn. From autumn to spring, and you can catch not only whitefish, but also predators who feed on this fish. These include salmon, burbot, char, whitefish, perch and pike.


As a bait use live bait: larvae, eggs of other fish, fry, crustaceans, bloodworms, leeches. Live bait is particularly effective in winter and spring. You can use a larger bait, anyway Poquelin from autumn to spring is to be successful. In winter, catch a "royal herring" in places with rocky bottom, broad slopes and great depth (five meters).


To feed the fish drop into the hole baitwhich includes equal parts of dried daphnia and wet sand. The mixture can be added a little egg white or powdered milk. The bait will improve not only Poquelin whitefish, but also other whitefish. Udilnik should be short, with a nod of sensitive and soft whip.


Apply a very light tackle, fishing line thicknessIt should be approximately equal to 0.12-0.15 mm. Lures should also be small, no more than 5 cm. Prefer silver. Above the spinners tie a small amount of short leashes even more thin fishing line. In addition to live bait, as bait you can use a very small "nymphs" and "fly" in different colors.

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