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How to catch the fish in the spring: the secret of the fisherman

How to catch the fish in the spring: the secret of the fisherman

Surely every angler is looking forward to the arrival of spring and the first warming to collect all their gear, and finally go to a long-awaited fishing.

Since not everyone is a fan of fishing prefersfreeze in the winter, during the fishing. Spring fishing - is another matter, it begins to wake up to nature and fish, tired of the cold and are actively searching for food.

So how do you correctly to fish in the spring, and what gear to use for this?



In late February - early March beginsgradually melt the ice at the time the fish feels the approach of spring. It is not necessary at this time to catch fish from the ice, there are a large number of open bodies of water that do not freeze in the winter. Therefore, at the first warming can safely take the spinning and go fishing for predator prey. As an attachment, use a small spoon of white color with a turntable. Since the spring of fish stuffed with eggs and milk, she would not miss the large prey, it just will not fit in it. At this time, it takes good burbot and pike, to catch them, you can use not only spinning but also zherlitsy. For bream and roach at this time, the preferred nozzle - a sandwich with a worm or bloodworms.


Fishing in open water begins in late March(Varies by region). At this time, the fish starts to come closer to the shore, to the heated portion. Therefore, the most successful tackle for the spring fishing - still float rod with a sliding float or a dull snap. Typically, a five-meter telescopic fishing rod, equipped with a fishing line 0.25. Since this time of year the water is still cloudy, so there is no need to thin fishing line. The size of the hook is placed, depending on the size of the fish, which you will be fishing.


During the spring fishing using livenozzle, it can be a maggot, bloodworm, or caddis worm. With a strong desire GENERAL Build sandwiches, they are pushing the fish to attack indispensable, thanks to its appetizing sight. In late March, it takes good bream, roach, chub, ruffe and pike.


April is considered the most successful month for thespring fishing, this is the time you can get the biggest catch. This month begins the active zhor fish, because it is not yet filled up their fat reserves and trying how to prepare for spawning. This month caught pike and burbot. Pike caught trolling and live bait, burbot - donk on a feeding trough. More confidently take bream and roach. Bream already prefer not only waders, but also with appetite eats the worm.


It is not necessary for a long time to sit in one place andtrying to catch a fish. Do not throw-spinner in the same place. If the fish in this place there, then it certainly grabs trolling (or try to do) after a few casts. If the bites are not followed - safely move to the new location. Do not forget that spring pike is held mostly in shallow water.

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