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How to catch fish in spring: the secret of a fisherman


How to catch fish in spring: the secret of a fisherman</a>

For sure, every fisherman is looking forward to the arrival of spring and the first warming in order to collect all his gear and, finally, to go on a long-awaited fishing.

Since not everyone who likes fishing prefersFreezing during the winter season when fishing. Spring fishing is quite another matter, nature and fish start to wake up, tired of the cold and actively looking for food.

So how is it right to fish in the spring, and what gear for this use?



At the end of February - early March beginsGradually melting ice, at this time the fish feels the approach of spring. It is not necessary at this time to fish from the ice, there are a large number of open water bodies that do not freeze all winter. Therefore, with the first warming, you can safely take a spinning and go fishing for prey predator. As a nozzle, use small white spoons with a turntable. Since in the spring the fish is stuffed with caviar and milk, it will not grab a large prey, it just will not fit in it. At this time, it is good to take burbot and pike, for their catching you can use not only spinning, but also jammers. For catching bream and roach at this time, the preferred nozzle is a sandwich with a worm or bloodworm.


Fishing on open water begins at the end of March(Depends on the region). At this time, the fish begins to come closer to the shore, to heated areas. Therefore, the most successful tackle for spring fishing is still a float rod with a sliding float or a deaf rigging. Typically, use a five-meter telescopic fishing rod, equipped with a 0.25 line. Since at this time of year the water is still turbid, so there is no special need for fine fishing lines. The size of the hook is set according to the size of the fish you will fish on.


During the spring fishing season, use liveNozzle, it can be maggots, bloodworm, caddis flies or worm. With a great desire to make sandwiches, they spur fish to an indispensable attack, thanks to their appetizing mind. At the end of March, a good picker, roach, chub, ruff and pike takes a good turn.


April is considered the most successful month forSpring fishing, it is at this time you can get the most catch. This month the active fish rook begins, as it has not yet replenished its fat reserves and is trying, as it should, to prepare for spawning. This month, pike and burbot are caught. The pike is caught on a spoon-bait and zhivtsa, burbot - on a donk with a feeder. More confidently takes bream and roach. The bream prefers not only the bloodworm, but also eats the worm with appetite.


Do not sit for a long time in one place andTry to catch fish. Do not throw the spoon in the same place. If there is a fish in this place, then it will definitely grab a spinner (or try to do it) after a few casts. If the bites are not followed - safely move to another place. Do not forget that in the spring the pike is kept mostly in shallow water.

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