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How to catch the bride's bouquet

How to catch the bride's bouquet

The European tradition is to catch the bouquet happy bride at a wedding is gaining popularity in Russia.

It is not surprising, because it is believed that lucky, catch the elegant decoration of flowers, will marry within a year.

Not so easy with a bouquet of the bride

This omen can be attributed to the mystical. As is often the case, people are very well known instigated only a fragment of the ritual, and the action to be taken before and after catching the bouquet, nobody knows. This explains the "idle, idle" bouquets.

In order to correctly catch the bouquet and touch woodgood luck, you need to prepare for the ceremony. When the bride said that she was ready to throw the bouquet, all unmarried and adult participants lined up behind her. Bride in no case should not turn around and look at her friends, and especially should not "aim". She just need to let them know that bunch will be cast, for example, at the expense of "three".

To bouquet "load", while the girls throwYou do not have to move forward and break to catch the flowers, "securing" his wife. Bouquet should he fall into the hands of the one who soon lucky to meet a loved one or to obtain from existing marriage proposal. It was at the time the cast is a kind of revelation, flowers do not have to interfere with "jump" into the hands of the right girl.

Sometimes it happens that a bunch of do not get anyone. If the girls were present did not try to wrest from each other flowers, to make a real fight, most likely, this means that none of those present married within a year will not fall.

In Britain, most of the flowers to make traditional pansies and nezabudok.

What to do with the production?

But if you still got a bunch to you, you mustmake a few manipulations to "strengthen the success." In the early days of the bouquet you can just put in the water when the flowers will die, make a bunch of them dry and move in a vase without water. Of course, pressed bouquet will not look as attractive as fresh, so it can be put anywhere. It is advisable, however, it does not drop.

Throw a bunch of happy, you can onlythe day before his wedding. After all, if you did everything correctly, did not try to take away a bunch of other girls, you're bound to get married within a year of receipt of such a good and hefty lead.

First brides bouquets were composed of orange blossom.

Contemporary bouquets are often made with the help ofportbuketnitse of plastic, which are filled with water. Get this piece of art on the head a little pleasant. So many wedding the bride throws the bouquet is not his real and fake and easy, allowing you to avoid injuries among unmarried guests. Fake bouquets made from real and artificial flowers. Their specially strengthened, so that they do not disintegrate in the air during the cast part. In addition, these bouquets are much easier to store until the next wedding, they portend.

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