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Catching roach winter

How to catch roach winter

Fish roach - view of ordinary roach, distributed mainly in Siberia and the Urals.

It is found, as a rule, under the snags in areas with weak currents and is not an easy prey, especially for novice anglers.

Catch the roach is most often in the winter.

You will need

  • - Fishing rods with nozhkami-
  • - prikormka-
  • - mormyshki-
  • - Nozzle.



Gather the lure that willkeep the fish around the hole for a long time. Predict what kind of bait interested roach difficult. However, experienced fishermen say that roaches and all its sub-species is easiest to catch on Caddis - butterfly larvae - or the rump. For the manufacture of mill feeding Take barley or semolina, add a little vegetable oil and cook in water until the swelling. Then knead the resulting mass and mix it with finely crushed biscuits (make sure that they were not burnt) and roll it into small balls, which you will throw in the hole before you start fishing.


Gather all the necessary tools for winterfishing. When fishing for roach fishing line will need 0.08 - 0, 1, and a lead jig, light lifting and float bright color (if the store is not suitable, you can paint it yourself). Jig - hook soldered-in pellet bait, it is advisable to choose a two-tone, and color should be contrasted, for example, red and silver. One of the most popular models mormyshkas suitable for catching roach, - "devil", or lead a small tee. If the jig weight will exceed the carrying capacity of the float, even light poklёv fisherman immediately notice. Rod itself may be a plastic udilnikom legs and whip at the base for fixing the ice.


Bring a fishing tip for fishing,animal or vegetable. The animals are suitable for roach burdock or bloodworm, from plant - bread crumb or the same Hercules balls that are made for foods. You can use bacon and cheese. Lower the line from the nozzle during the winter fishing should be on the bottom, because the roach rests at the bottom.


Go to the fishing roach or in the evening, afterdusk or early in the morning - from four hours after midnight. Drill a few holes in the ice (at least two) and throw fertilizer. Wait for a while. Peering into the hole, you can see schools of fish - which means that the gear position has been selected correctly. Place the rod on its feet and check them every hour.

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