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How to catch a carp on an elastic band


How to catch a carp on an elastic band</a>

Carp is one of the most common fishing objects.

It is mined in various ways, mainly for float fishing rod.

But there is a very interesting and, most importantly, an effective method - you can catch a crucian on an elastic band.

Catching the carp on an elastic band is very simple, you needJust prepare a special tackle. By the way, it will cost you very cheaply, and fish a lot. In this case, you do not need to throw the bait every time in the chosen place, you will simply pull the caught fish with an elastic band, and for this it is enough to drop the cargo once into the fishing place. Tackle is arranged so that the load lies on the bottom, and the airbridge elastic attached to it is connected to the fishing line and hooks. When the fish bites, it is extracted, choosing a fishing line from the water, the elastic band is stretched, without shifting the load at the bottom. After removing the crucian from the hook, gradually releasing the fishing line, the elastic band is compressed, carrying the bait into the water.

To collect such a tricky tackle for catchingCarp, take 50 m of strong line, enough for 0.3 mm. Wrap it on the spinner for the spinning, and fix the spool itself with an electrical tape on the short spike stuck into the shore. At the end of the line, attach another line of fishing line with a carbine clip, on which there will be 5-7 leashes with hooks. The length of the second segment of the line should be calculated so that each leash is a distance of two meters from each other. Then again, through the ring and the carabiner, fasten the elastic band. It will be required at a rate of 1 m for 3-5 m of the main line. To a rubber band, tie about a meter of a strong cord with a load. The weight of the load is selected experimentally, ideally it should not shift when tensioning the rubber bands. That's all. It remains only to bait the bait and throw the cargo in the right place of the reservoir.

Cargo to the fishing site can be abandoned or deliveredon the boat. Next, the fishing line is reeled to the reel until it reaches a slight tension, the bell is hung as a signaling device and just a piece of dough or crushed bread, on which you will catch the crucian carp. When the fish takes the bait, the bell will tingle or the dough will begin to rise on the line. Immediately cut the carp and start winding the fishing line on the spool. Remove the fish, bait the new bait and release the fishing line into the water.

When you finish catching the carp on the rubber band,Twist the line on the spool, pull out the elastic with the load, unhook the piece of fishing line with leashes and hooks, and fasten the hooks to a piece of foam. Smooth and gum. So your tackle will not get tangled and it can be transported.

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