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Catching crucian on gum

How to catch carp on gum

Karas - one of the most popular fishing sites.

It is obtained in different ways, mainly on the float rod.

But there is a very interesting and, most importantly, effective way - you can catch carp on the gum.

Catching carp on the gum is very simple, you need toOnly prepare a special gear. By the way, it will cost you very cheap, and a lot of fish caught. This does not need to throw the bait every time in the selected location, you simply pull the rubber band caught fish, and to do this once is enough to throw a load in the fishing place. Tackle is designed so that the burden lies on the bottom, and tied to his model aircraft rubber band connected to the fishing line and hooks. When the fish are biting, its take out, choosing the fishing line from the water, gum while stretched without moving the goods on the bottom. After removing the carp off the hook, the fishing line is released gradually, gum shrinks, pulling the bait into the water.

To build such a clever tackle for fishingcarp, take the 50 m fishing line strong enough to 0.3mm. Wrap it around the bobbin spinning, and very secure with tape on the spool pin short, stick to the beach. At the end of the fishing line through a secure ring karabinchikom another segment of the fishing line, which will be 5-7 leashes with hooks. The length of the second segment of the fishing line is designed in such a way that each lead was at a distance of two feet from each other. Then again through the ring and fasten carbine gum. It will require a rate of 1 m by 3-5 m main fishing line. To tie an elastic band around a meter with a strong cord load. Shipping Weight chosen experimentally, ideally, it should not move by pulling gum. That's all. It only remains to fit flush bait and throw the goods to the desired location of the reservoir.

The cargo to the place of fishing, you can throw or deliveron the boat. Then mastic is fishing line on the spool to a small tension, as the alarm bell and hung a piece of dough or crumpled bread, which you will catch carp. When a fish takes the bait, the bell will ring and the dough starts to rise on the line. Immediately hooking carp and begin to wind fishing line onto the spool. Remove the fish Loosely new bait and release fishing line into the water.

When you're done catching carp on the gum,wind the fishing line on the spool, pull the rubber band with a load length of fishing line unhook the leash and hooks and fasten the hooks in a piece of foam. Loop and gum. So your tackle does not get confused and it can be transported.

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