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CATS are able to anticipate

Cats are able to anticipate - is this true?

The cat - an animal that gossip has given mystical powers.

It is believed that the cat in advance premonition of all the events that will occur with the owners, and tries to warn in case of future trouble.

Cats and humans from time immemorial live sideside, and in that time it was enough cases to make sure - these creatures, beautiful and graceful, it is for certain connected with something mysterious, mystical.

Dogs and cats wonder associated with supernatural phenomena, and cats eye sometimes called "windows into another world." With these animals associated with many different take.

To predict the future and know how godsWe decided to dispose of human life, since ancient times, people used different signs, related to the behavior of animals. Most often in this respect have tried to use the cats - they were considered special animals, prophetic, their "predictions" trusted. In a certain manner, the behavior of cats trying to predict future events.

As the folk beliefs, the cat wellfeel all the coming changes - it applies to good and bad events. Observing the behavior of cats, you can know in advance about what the weather will be, whether to wait for the guests, whether to be afraid of any disease, misery. Warn misery far better than trying to survive it unscathed. Therefore, many people who trust the signs, trying to closely monitor the cat's habits.

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