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Castration cats: opinions for and against

Castration cats: opinions for and against

Castration is an operation to remove the gonads of an animal to prevent reproductive function and its associated behavioral characteristics.

Cats testis removal is carried out to ensure that they have not started to mark territory and to call a cat at night, in conditions of a city apartment is extremely undesirable.

The owners need to remember that the removal of sexualglands and termination also includes production of male hormone in an animal, which often leads to slower metabolic process, and thus the occurrence of obesity, leading to other related complications. It is therefore necessary to follow the diet pet after the procedure and to provide him enough exercise.

There is a very widespread belief about the relationship of castration and the subsequent development of the cat kidney stones, but the hard data confirming the existence of such a relationship there.

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However, it should be to bring the cat to the vet for checkups at least once a year to prevent the possible development of many diseases.

Indications for cat neutering

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If the animal is kept in a city apartment, andthere is no way to provide him with the opportunity of regular mating with cat owners to better take care of your comfort, in order to avoid possible complications. Not neutered male cat will behave naturally, namely the mark territory, to arrange "night concerts" to fight with other cats.

In addition, sometimes castration - the only way to deal with the pet's aggression, which sometimes brims over due to unrealized sexual desire.

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Recommended age surgery

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It is important to choose the right age forof castration, as too early surgery can lead to underdevelopment of the urethra, which develops under the influence of male sex hormones. This in turn will increase the likelihood of urinary tract diseases associated with occlusion of the urethra.

The optimal age for castration is considered to be 7 - 9months. Against a later operation is the fact that approximately 5% of cases, it can not lead to the desired results, because adult males sex hormones are produced not only the testicles, but also by the pituitary gland.

And also the fact that older cats are the possible complications associated with the release of general anesthesia, due to the severe stress of narcotic drugs on the liver and kidneys.

Carrying castration

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Opinion of veterinarians is to ensure thatSterilization is the most basic operation, complications of which is not seen. Castration is performed under general anesthesia and lasts for a total of no more than five minutes.

Special care after the conference is not necessary, as well as removal of postoperative sutures.

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