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Cat Castration: pros and cons

Cat Castration: pros and cons

Intact cat may mark territory and harass the hosts loud cries, so often the owners of these animals decide to enroll your pet in a veterinary clinic for surgery.

To be sure, in its decision, it is necessary beforehand to weigh the pros and cons.

Disadvantages castration

Castration - inappropriate option when it comes togood purebred cat with an excellent pedigree. The animal is usually subjected to the high-end of the operation only after how to get from him a sufficient number of kittens. This contributes to improvement of breed.
If you entrust the operation is not tooexperienced veterinarian, castration may be associated with risk. It should also be noted that the animal's reaction to the anesthesia may be "wrong", and it will complicate the situation. However, if you choose a good vet, problems can be avoided.
For neutered cat is necessary to take careat least one day after surgery. Of course, this procedure is much easier sterilization, so the problems of the owners will be less, but they will not care. You must be willing to follow the animal when it is to recover from anesthesia. In the cat may start vomiting, and almost certainly will uncontrolled urination, so it is important to lay a disposable diaper for him. It should be borne in mind that after anesthesia the animal has no control over his actions: it can suddenly get up and go, and then suddenly fall. It is important to ensure that the cat does not get injured.
After surgery, the cats are often lesswherein the active and eat a lot, which can lead to obesity. To solve this problem, it is necessary to buy special food for neutered animals and often play with your pet.

pros castration

After castration at an early age, many are resolvedhormonal problems: cat leaves smelly marks in the house, no longer loud scream and howl begins calmly relate to other animals on its territory. In general, the nature of the pet can change for the better: neutered cats are often less aggressive and restless.
If your pet is particularly often tried to escape,Now he must stop doing it. His life becomes more secure, and you will feel better, because they do not have to constantly keep an eye on the animals.
Neutering prevents the development of somediseases, including the occurrence of tumors in the testes. In general, according to the veterinarian, this operation extends the life of the animal at 1.5-2 years.
Castration - ideal solution if the house lives unsterilized cat, which is planned to knit with a specially designed cat to produce good offspring.

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