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Cast iron or aluminum? How to choose a battery

Cast iron or aluminum? How to choose a battery

Traditionally, the battery is made from cast iron - a durable material that can not be influenced by environmental conditions.

But the disadvantages he also has, as the competition it is aluminum: lightweight, efficient, elegant aluminum radiators are increasingly popular.

But they also have certain disadvantages.

Cast-iron battery

Cast-iron batteries - rather old deviceheating, they began to be used 150 years ago. And still iron remains the most popular material for the production of thermal radiators. This is due to a large number of its advantages: it is one of the most durable, resistant to the environment alloys. Cast-iron batteries are almost not subject to corrosion, do not lose their properties after exposure to corrosive acids and debris clogging the heating circuit without disabling them. Normal service life of the radiator - about thirty years old, though many homes are 40 and 50-year battery.
Cast-iron batteries are inexpensive, and the ratioprice and quality are very happy: they are quite effective warm up the room, and even able to give off heat long after the shutdown hot water.
But the shortcomings of these radiators makethink about other materials. Heat dissipation is low in iron, and its surface is small, so compared with other batteries they are slower. You can not use these radiators for automatic heating systems. They are very heavy, enough to heat large areas have to use a lot of sections. Their design is rarely fits into the interior of the apartment or house, as a rule, residents are trying to hide them with special nozzles or curtains.

Aluminum battery

Aluminum Battery - almost completeopposed to cast iron. They are much inferior to the latter in the durability, fast being exposed to galvanic corrosion. In unfavorable conditions, the appearance of corrosion rate is 0.1 millimeters per year. For ten years or more in some parts of the metal can be easily eroded.
The area of ​​the heating surface in aluminumBattery less, but they require a lot of water is less, and this is a significant advantage. Aluminum differs excellent heat transfer, he promptly warms the room.
Aluminum battery fragile because their walls are made thin to enhance the heat transfer, but the resulting average power strokes can break section.
Easy and beautiful design radiators made of aluminumis also a significant advantage, they are not required to hide, they are invisible and look good in a room with any design. In addition, batteries can be selected from any number of sections depending on the size and space requirements to heating. But the cost of aluminum panels is much higher than cast iron, and their fragility increases heating costs.

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